The Resurrection By Jodi Ellen Malpas

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The Resurrection (Unlawful Men Book 3) By Jodi Ellen Malpas


Book/Novel Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

Book/Novel Title: The Resurrection



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From the moment Danny Black met Rose Cassidy, he knew she’d be the death of him. But their electric connection and twisted love gave him a purpose beyond ruling Miami with his iron fist. Faking his own death and disappearing to St. Lucia was the only way he could escape the deadly underworld that brought them together. But his seclusion was sabotaged when a notorious assassin lured him out and made him an offer he couldn’t ignore.So Danny was forced to decide whether to remain concealed and pray his enemies didn’t find him, or re-emerge and take back control of his town. His future.James Kelly’s sole purpose was to find and kill the man who ordered the death of his family. Peace would never be his until then. Beau Hayley, a scarred former cop, was the key to his mission. He was supposed to kill her. Instead, he fell in love with her. Forced to accept that he could no longer fight his war and keep Beau safe from their enemies, he sought out the only man who could help him.But by resurrecting the infamous Brit, James unwittingly started an even bigger war.Two lethal men. One shared goal.Keep their women safe.And survive.But only one of them can come out the other side alive.
OMG, Jodi did it again. Resurrection was great and I was not expecting it to end that way. With each book you get better and better. The story line in the first three books was wonderful and I didn’t want to stop reading and I cannot wait until book 4 comes out. I love all the characters in all the books. Danny and Rose with Beau and James in ways are so much alike, but also different. I hope you never stop writing, because I love reading your books and so far I have everyone of them Nd I do read them over and over again.
I cannot with these guys! And JEM? You’ve ruined me. I sure was cursing at the end!! I truly do need more Danny and Rose, James and Beau, Otto, Goldie, Tank and Fury, Brad and Esther. But what?!?!?! The last chapters had my heart pounding and cursing. Then the epilogue. And THEN THE EPILOGUE!! I love series!!
Perfection, as always. The ending was brutal and unexpected. I love this whole book. The plot twists and even the killing! Excellent read!
Wow what a book. The love they had for each other. The people who were destined to try to kill them. They were one messed up family that fit together. Great book’s
I read this book in two days, I could not put it down. If I didnt need to eat or sleep I would have just kept going from page 1 to the end. This book is fantastic. You definately need to read the first two books before this one. These are two amazing couples, Danny&Rose and James&Beau. This is one of my most favorite books and I have at least 2000(my small library). As for the person named “Booksmakemehappy”, what is wrong with you giving this book1 star? I will definately recommend this book to anyone who wants an excellent read. Thank you JEM for a real treasure.
Omg . I love this series .. never di i see those two coming together . How many ani.als will they kill? So glad the girls have a friend. I hope they get to go back to st Lucia… will this ever end ? Will they find the bear ? Can they truly trust each other?


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