The Rising By Daniel Greene

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The Rising By Daniel Greene


Book/Novel Author: Daniel Greene

Book/Novel Title: The Rising

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**You either build your world or you burn in someone else’s.**
With every fleeting moment, the whole world draws closer to being overcome by the deadliest virus known to man.
Steele’s family home lies in burnt ruins on the shore of Lake Michigan. His group hunts for his missing mother in the apocalyptic wilderness filled with the dead. Instead he finds a group of refugees badly in need of his skills learned in the shadow war on terror, for they are persecuted at every step by the Chosen, a group of fanatics hell-bent on creating God’s Kingdom in the rubble of society.
Dr. Joseph Jackowski finds himself in a dangerous battle against both the deadly virus and the clock inside the bowels of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. His team struggles as their own members fall victim to the virus in a race to discover a vaccine.
Colonel Kinnick rushes his paltry forces into the rocky passes of Colorado to hold the dead off long enough for a vaccine to be found. If he fails, the Vice President will burn the entire Western Seaboard into the blazing inferno of a nuclear holocaust.
Who will rise? The Living or the Dead?
Read the series that readers are calling, “An epic, fast-paced adventure, featuring a diverse cast of characters, non-stop action, and of course, zombies – this apocalyptic thriller is a sure victory…” 
**In the epic third installment of The End Time Saga, Daniel Greene brings the brutalized remainders of humanity even closer to the edge of defeat.** **
### Review
“Talk about a killer debut! Spoiler alert: Daniel Greene has written one of the most thrilling post-apocalyptic books of 2016.” **- *USA Today Bestselling Author of the Extinction Cycle, Nicholas Sansbury Smith on End Time** *
* * *
“Intense action, a gritty plot, and sensational characters await readers in The Rising, the third book in The End Time Saga by Daniel Greene. One of those books that leave the reader with the feeling of waking up from a nightmare. It’s so well done that it feels too real to be ignored.” **Romuald Dzemo for *Readers’ Favorite* ,**  ?????
“One novel you should not miss, whether you’re new to the series, or you’ve been along for the ride in this oddly addictive work of zombie fiction. Greene proves his literary mettle here, showing himself to be a flexible, compassionate and detail-oriented storyteller. The world that  *The Rising*  paints may be bleak, but it’s also hopeful, and the vessel for its delivery is engaging, thought-provoking and, at times, even profound.”  ***Self-Publishing Review** * , ????½
### From the Author
**First Place Winner – *2019 IAN Book of the Year Awards in Horror** *
* * *
**Semifinalist in Horror/Suspense *- The Kindle Book Review 2018 Book Awards** *
**indieBRAG Medallion Winner**
***The End Time Saga* – Series Order** ******* *
**Book 1: *End Time ** ***Book 2:* The Breaking*** **Book 3: *The Rising ** ***Book 4:* The Departing*  ** **Book 5: *The Holding*  (Coming 2019)** **Book 6: *The Standing*  (Coming Soon)**
* * *
* * *
**Origin Short Story: *The Gun*  **

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