The Room By Penelope Bloom

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The Room(hate): A Secret Baby Romance By Penelope Bloom


Book/Novel Author: Penelope Bloom

Book/Novel Title: The Room



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USA Today bestselling author Penelope Bloom brings a brand new enemies-to-lovers romance where two total opposites fight to deny their perfect chemistry.Sebastian St. James needed an ego check in the worst way.So I gave him the tongue lashing to end all tongue lashings.But he liked it.Before I knew it, my dress was up to my ears.He apparently had a tongue lashing of his own to give.Mission gloriously failed, if you asked me.We both agreed to part ways like adults. No strings, no attachments.Except I couldn’t stand that he’d been able to walk away so easily.So I handled my disappointment like the totally reasonable woman I am.I attended one of his book signings and threw coffee in his face.Then I face-planted over a fence trying to outrun his security.Before I knew it, I was recovering in Sebastian’s mansion.Then he offered me a job watching his cat and staying in his house.I wish I could say I stared into his dreamy eyes and told him to bite me.But I needed the job more than I wanted to admit.So now I’m bunked with an obnoxiously attractive roommate.A roommate I somehow want to strangle and straddle at the same time.But there’s nothing to worry about.He “doesn’t do relationships.”Nope. All he does is brood, glower, and boss me around.But just like everything else in my life, it gets messier.I’m pregnant.Who’s the father, you ask? I’ll give you a hint.The baby’s probably going to come out with cute little horns and a pitchfork.A full-length enemies-to-lovers, secret baby romance loaded with laugh-out-loud moments, unapologetic wit, and a lovable heroine who would look the devil in the eyes and make him say “please”. Will she drag the jaded millionaire kicking and grumbling to his happily ever after? Read more
This book is just as funny as the first, and yet charmingly different. I really enjoy her work, and look forward to Travis’s sorry!
This was entertaining, and even though the general plot was pretty predictable, some fun and random surprises were thrown in that made it fun.
This was incrediblethat someone was told be told they are 4 months PG and then doesn’t followup for care, or see their own Dr. to verify. This was past the point of stupid. In fact h spent more time worrying about a cat then a baby on the way.
… it was cute… the “fire” 2.5 peppers (being generous) . Grumpy H and very weird h with a good secondary cast of characters. I liked the epilogue it left the reader on a high with a good conclusion.Read on KU
The Room(hate) by Penelope Bloom is the story of Kenzie and SebastianKenzie is an author who is crazy about Sebastian’s writing.But what she finds is that she isn’t liking the man himself.They have a crazy encounter that ends up with Sebastian taking in Kenzie and they start enemy with benefits relationship.It was a good read. Will look for more from this author.
The blurb of this book is what got me to read it. “Baby’s probably going to come out with cute little horns and a pitchfork.” I found funny and wanted to read more. The story is a quick and well written book. The characters are funny and unique. They have no filter. They just say what comes to mind and deal with the fall out. The banter between Kenzie and her friends is hilarious and has you laughing right out loud. Sebastian is an A hole with an adorable cat.The story fell a little flat for me. Needs more characters development. The pregnancy aspect of the book seemed just thrown in for effect and dropped from the rest of the plot.The characters having no filter and the banter had me laughing so much that I gave this book three stars instead of two.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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