The Russian’s Greed By Cap Daniels

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The Russian’s Greed: Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins By Cap Daniels


Book/Novel Author: Cap Daniels

Book/Novel Title: The Russian’s Greed




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Murder . . . Conspiracy . . . International Intrigue . . . The Russian Mafia . . . And billions of dollars in diamonds on the streets of New York City.After successfully completing her inaugural undercover operation with the United States Justice Department, former Russian SVR Captain Anastasia “Anya” Burinkova sets a plan in motion to not only escape the facility where she’s being held, but also to completely escape the Justice Department. But escaping isn’t easy, even for one of the world’s deadliest—and most beautiful—assassins.With more diamonds in one city block than anywhere else on Earth, New York City’s Diamond District is impossible to resist for Russian Mafia kingpin Viktor Volkov and his terrifyingly brilliant partner. Combining futuristic technology with millions of years of natural history, the organization is poised to tear the heart out of the American diamond industry until the DOJ unleashes their newest and deadliest weapon on the streets of the Big Apple.Climb aboard this white-knuckle thrill ride as Cap Daniels takes you deep inside the ruthless world of the modern diamond trade, with Anya and Special Agent Gwynn Davis, as they pull out every weapon in their arsenal to defeat an old enemy with new ideas.





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