The Sawtooth Job By Vince Milam

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The Sawtooth Job: (A Case Lee Novel Book 10) By Vince Milam


Book/Novel Author: Vince Milam

Book/Novel Title: The Sawtooth Job



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The stakes couldn’t be higher. A mysterious discovery that would change the global balance of power.Two scientists become the world’s hottest commodity. One is captured, the other on the run.Enter Case Lee, with lethal spy organizations in hot pursuit. They quickly discover they’re messing with the wrong guy.It started with mystery and misdirection and shadowland fog. It ended with terminal actions and lies and a murky affirmation he’d done the right thing.Contracted to find a missing scientist, Case quickly discovers the espionage world has become unhinged. Spies of every stripe come out of the woodwork, chasing the same objective. Is anyone on his side?A peek into academia reveals clues that others missed. A hot trail develops, leading Case and his pursuers into the Idaho wilderness. But he has an ace in the hole—his ex-Delta teammates join him and demonstrate to the espionage world they still have special skills. Very special skills.Pursuit changes to South America where Case, now on his own, chases down a thin lead with a gut feel something isn’t right. Is he being played again? And if so, who is the puppet master?Twists and turns and non-stop action hallmark this globe-trotting thriller—the tenth stand-alone novel from Best-Selling author Vince Milam, who has reset the standard for the genre. From Silicon Valley to Idaho’s wilderness to South America and back, it’s a wild roller-coaster ride filled to the brim with intrigue, shadow players, and deadly geopolitical chess moves. You’ll love this edge of your seat thrill ride, because Case is a flawed hero we can all cheer for until the last page. Find yourself swept away today!
Easy reading with action aplenty, learn new things and as I have lived in Washington state it brought back great memories. Really miss the great PNW!
I’ve read all the books in the Case Lee series. I’ve yet to find one that is not well written and an enjoyable read. They contain diverse characters and many twists and turns, but with a good amount of action. Looking forward to the next one!
Another page turner from Vince Milam. His books never fail me. A great read. The bond between the Delta Force brothers never waivers. His commitment to family and “brothers” never a question. Thanks Vince, waiting for the next adventure.
I didn’t review several previous because they are all great. I have to say that the author’s writing style is superior and with other great writers out there that is saying something. I am totally invested in these characters and hope there is more to come.
The story and action was great. Especially the south and Central American chase. Also like the scientist’s description and their peculiarities.
Always like the locales and doing extra googling on them. Learn something new each book. Need to visit the sawtooth mountains now.Bits of the characters come out a bit more each book to and I like the wonder and wisdom FC brings.


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4.9/5309 ratings