The Science of Getting Rich With Study Guide By Wallace D. Wattles

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The Science of Getting Rich With Study Guide: Deluxe Special Edition By Wallace D. Wattles & Theresa Puskar


Book/Novel Author: Wallace D. Wattles

Book/Novel Title: The Science of Getting Rich With Study Guide

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The way to prosperity is no longer a mystery. You too can prosper from the “exact science” of achieving financial success as you learn to:
Change your life by changing your thoughts
Attract the prosperity you deserve
Appreciate the opportunities that await you
Live true to the values most precious to you
Manage stress and self-defeating impulses that hold you back
Make the contribution to the world that only you can make, and enjoy the abundance you’ll receive in return
This deluxe edition of the classic work, The Science of Getting Rich, includes a 21st century study guide structured with introspective questions that will allow you to explore your inner world, and apply the wisdom the author imparts to your life. It will be a remarkable journey of rejuvenation and self-discovery. **

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