The Secret Solution By Todd Whitaker

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The Secret Solution: How One Principal Discovered the Path to Success By Todd Whitaker


Book/Novel Author: Todd Whitaker

Book/Novel Title: The Secret Solution

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What is the secret to school leadership?

The Secret Solution follows the journey of Roger Rookie, a new principal, in his quest to become a fair and effective leader. Through the ups and downs of his first few years, Roger learns what works and what doesn’t when it comes to leading people well.
This engaging parable also brings to light many of the real-life characters in schools today—from naysayers and bullies to superstars and newbies—and reveals the best (and worst) ways to work with them. By using a narrative to explore four common leadership styles, the authors provide an effective, non-threatening way to discuss problematic attitudes and approaches with colleagues.
This updated edition of The Secret Solution includes a reader’s guide that delves into each of the four leadership personality styles to help you identify habits and traits that can help you and your team succeed. Authors and experienced leaders Todd Whitaker, Sam Miller, and Ryan Donlan serve as the guides to help you find your path to leadership success.

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