The Secret Talker By Geling Yan

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The Secret Talker: A Novel By Geling Yan


Book/Novel Author: Geling Yan

Book/Novel Title: The Secret Talker

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A NEW YORK TIMES “GLOBETROTTING” PICK!THE MILLIONS MOST ANTICIPATED Awoman reclaims her own story in this taut and wholly original literary tale from one ofChina’s literary superstars.Hongmei is the perfect Chinese wife:beautiful, diligent, passive. Glen is the perfect American husband:intelligent, caring, well-off. From the outside, Hongmei and Glen’s life in the San Francisco Bay Area seems perfect. But at home, their marriage is falling apart.Post-its left on the fridge are their primary form of communication.  When Hongmei receives a beguiling emailfrom a secret admirer, naturally she’s intrigued. But what starts out asharmless flirting with an internet stranger quickly turns into anall-consuming emotional affair. As Hongmei spills more and more about herdark past as a military intelligence officer-in-training in China, she fallsdeeper and deeper into a tense cat-and-mouse game. Desperate andself-destructive, she embarks on an investigation into her emailer’s secrethistory…one that may tear her life and marriage apart forever.A psychological story at its core, The Secret Talker elegantly examines how repressed desire and simmeringsilence can upend even the most idyllic marriage. As Hongmei pursues herstalker, her identity and agency come into question, and thechase curveballs into a captivating journey of self-actualization. Yan Gelingpierces the human psyche to reveal devastating and emotional truths – and anending that will leave readers speechless. Translated from the Chinese by Jeremy Tiang

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