The Sheik’s Redemption By Elizabeth Lennox

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The Sheik’s Redemption (The Del Taran Series Book 1) By Elizabeth Lennox


Book/Novel Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Book/Novel Title: The Sheik’s Redemption



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Saving a skunk shouldn’t have thrown her life into chaos! But it had! From the moment Astir del Taran stepped into her life, everything she’d thought she knew about love and life changed. Her world was different, shining in technicolor beauty. Until the day that Astir disappeared. Never before had a woman affected him as much as Rachel Dubois. Astir del Taran, Sheik of Silar, had responsibilities that never seemed to end. But when he was with Rachel, those responsibilities didn’t seem so heavy or intrusive. Until the day she was almost killed! Then Astir discovers that Rachel is pregnant and everything changes! They must be married. And the wedding must take place quickly! Odd earthly tremors, jealous decorators, a poorly aimed bullet and several other challenges step in the way of their happiness. Can they find their way back to each other and find that happily ever after?
I love all of Elizabeth’s sheikh novels and usually can’t wait for them to come out and can’t put them down. This was the first one that I was lukewarm on – the romance and backdrop were great. I just found the setup of the two regions where the bulk of the book takes place hard to get into. We never find out why the sheikh is in Virginia and we never really know when he goes back and forth to his home country – so it’s hard to stay engrossed in the book and be transplanted away. That said – romance, action and suspense kept me engaged. As well- Rachel was so relatable with her blogging. The heinous, jealous designer also added a unique dynamic.
Elizabeth delivered another great read! Rachael was a very strong woman. Astir had a wonderful sense of humor. And they had great chemistry together! This book had a little of everything. I highly recommend it!
Love all your books. Always looking for the next one. Intrigue, HEA, romance and spectacular characters.
Another favorite and can’t wait for the next in the series. Love the suspense that the author has been adding.
Astir and Rachel fell hard for each other. But when Rachel thought Astir was just using her, her life changed.
Rachel y Sheik Astir se conocen gracias a un zorrillo!!!Ella está decidida a salvarlo y él no lo quiere cerca… esto lleva a un entretenido intercambio de palabras que despierta un interés inmediato entre ambos.Pero no todo será fácil en su relación, deberán de superar celos, intentos de asesinato, un embarazo sorpresa y una casa terriblemente mal decorada.Muy entretenida y romántica.


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