The Sicilian’s Forgotten Wife By Caitlin Crews

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The Sicilian’s Forgotten Wife: An Uplifting International Romance (Harlequin Presents) By Caitlin Crews


Book/Novel Author: Caitlin Crews

Book/Novel Title: The Sicilian’s Forgotten Wife



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From USA TODAY bestselling author Caitlin Crews comes this intense revenge romance where power and redemption are up for grabs.Revenge is best served cold…But their passion is red-hot!Innocent Josselyn Christie agrees to conveniently wed the infamously powerful Cenzo Falcone to please her beloved father. But she soon realizes her new husband has only one thing on his mind: revenge against her family!Swept off to his remote Sicilian castle, Josselyn finds Cenzo arrogant, ruthless and dangerously compelling. But when an accident causes him to forget everything, the tables are turned. This Cenzo wants her as she’s always dreamed, but will he feel the same once he remembers?From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.  
Literally laughed out loud several times. Not sure I’ve been this entertained by a HP in awhile- A great twist on the usual story. Paused reading to laughingly tell my daughter some of inventive vocations the wife assigned; the H inner thoughts were hilarious. Very engaging read. The H started out as a total tool but ended up with a lovely appreciation for who they could be together. The H didn’t take any nonsense and she wasn’t naturally calculating. Only 4 stars because it needed an epilogue – This was the best book I’ve read in quite some time; really needed an epilogue for the 5th star. This is now in my ‘reread/favorites’ collection.
This was an interesting book that took melonger than usual to finish. It got better at the end though. I love thecharacters and would recommend it to teenagers and up.
The Sicilian’s Forgotten Wife is intense… and made my blood boil.And not always in a passionate sense.It has been a long time since I disliked the hero as much as I did Cenzo.Oh, he’s handsome as sin, rich beyond measure, but he is not, by any means imaginable, a nice guy, more like a despicable guy.I wish I could say he redeemed himself by the story’s end in my eyes, but only partially if I’m being completely frank.Josselyn has her hands full with this one, and while the heroine may be able to forgive and move on I’m not so certain that I would be able to do the same.Josselyn loves her father, it’s been them against the world since her mother’s death.And she’s known that her old-world father would most likely arrange a marriage for her, much as his father had arranged his own and that resulted in a love match between her parents.So, while surprised it wasn’t totally unexpected when she was introduced to her future husband.Cenzo is the son of one of her father’s closest friends (now deceased) and bringing the two families together is her father’s cherished dream for he is certain that Josselyn and Cenzo will find love, as he did… eventually.Unfortunately, the only emotion going on in Cenzo’s heart is revenge – over something that neither Josselyn nor her father has any idea about.Cenzo’s arrogance is off the charts.His planned revenge begins with separating Josselyn from the outside world, even contact with her father as they head to an old, isolated castle on its own island accessible only by boat.He calmly, thoroughly, and perhaps, cruelly outlines what his plans for his new wife are… and nowhere in his tirade is love ever mentioned.I’ll admit to a bit of glee when Cenzo’s plans are interrupted by a fall down stone stairs and temporary amnesia as Josselyn turns the tables on Cenzo in a different way than what he had intended for her.Unfortunately for her, this Cenzo is closer to the man she’d always hoped would be out there in the world for her – and this man, like his need for revenge, is based on a lie.The Sicilian’s Forgotten Wife is a good story, I’m not taking a bit away from this author’s talent for she is an auto-buy for me and has been for years.No, the story is well told, intense, and passionate.I could not get beyond Cenzo’s arrogance and even by the story’s ending when he made certain moves to correct the past I still could only just stand him and it was completely Josselyn that I enjoyed in this story.So, I need to be content that Josselyn loves her Cenzo… I think a lot (a very lot) more groveling was called for, but that’s me.I own a Kindle edition of this title.
So much fun to read. I’m sorry I had to read it so fast. I really wanted it to last. But reading it fast worked better for the prose. Some really great romantic lines in this book. Very uplifting little read. Will be reading more by this author.
When I started this I was more than a little dismayed to read the same old tycoon, Sicilian this time, stuck on his awesome self and oozing STD levels of sexual arrogance. Then there was the heroine who agrees to a MOC to make her father happy and because it worked for him. A father named Archibald Christie which happens to be Agatha Christie’s cheating cad of a first husband’s name and an interesting choice. Then there was the ho-hum, same ole revenge plot with a supercilious class conscious mother just waiting in the wings and way too blue blood to pass the Grey Poupon.The H taunts the heroine that he will have sex with her and it will be so awesome because he’s so awesome she will beg for his touch forever more and he will laugh at her desire and that’s his revenge. Oh yeah, and they are basically out on a rock in the sea. Okey dokey.And then the worm turns and we have now have an amnesiac CinderFella that the heroine has convinced that he loves cleaning the bathroom grout and hustling up one Sicilian delicacy after another. This part was so much fun as the heroine gets a visible kick out of it without being mean as he decides he should put the moves on the married and, should be off limits, heroine because he just can’t help himself.It was all fun until he got his memory back. Turns out arrogant, supercilious Sicilians out for revenge don’t appreciate the concept What goes around comes around” or have much of a sense of humor.The evil Mommy does get a comeuppance and there’s a HEA.
Young woman from rich family is married off to Italian billionaire she doesn’t know, for no real reason her dad cares to share.Just spacey and off.Taken off to some castle in Europe only to discover the billionaire hates her family and her and is trying to destroy them.But he catches amnesia with no other side effects and they have intense deep love.If this had been an 80s book it would be great. Less great in 2021. In fact, I searched to see if this was a reprint.Oh, and even in the last chapter he is still super mean. Not a great ending when it finally happened.


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