The Simple No BS Guide to College and Master’s Admissions By Sean Go

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The Simple No BS Guide to College and Master’s Admissions By Sean Go


Book/Novel Author: Sean Go

Book/Novel Title: The Simple No BS Guide to College and Master’s Admissions



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Get Accepted into your Dream University now!Are you tired of listening to so-called admissions “experts” tell you what to do, when they themselves did not attend top schools?Are you frustrated by application consultants who charge unreasonable rates at $300+ per hour or more?In The Simple No BS Guide to College and Master’s Admissions, you will find:- Expert advice from SEXTUPLE graduate Sean Go, who graduated with 6 degrees from top institutions! 3 Bachelor’s degrees from UC Berkeley, 2 Master’s degrees from Emory University, and 1 Master’s from Columbia University.- Expert commentary and unique strategies from Anthony Gokianluy, Wharton MBA graduate (Dean’s Lister) and University of Chicago Dual Degree graduate, who has helped 5000+ students enter their dream universities since 2015 – Honest, straightforward, and practical advice that will save you thousands of dollars working with expensive “application consultants” and 10 successful essays for multiple Ivy League Universities and top programs.- Pro-tips that will identify and encourage you to take actionable steps and methodologically order to maximize your chances of entering your dream school- Illustrative examples written humorously and effectively, in order to solidify key strategies that will help you work smarter and more effectively- An opportunity to make an impact on underprivileged communities. 50% of proceeds will be donated to various causes focusing on helping those who cannot help themselves (orphaned children in developing countries, through organizations like Missionaries of Charity and Mano Amiga)The No BS Guide equips readers to execute effective strategies to impress admissions officers. Shift your mentality from being a passive actor to a go-getter who executes results.The No BS Guide enables doubtful students to stop second guessing their chances, instill confidence in themselves, and formulates recommendations to help students package themselves in the most attractive manner, exponentially increasing their chances of success.Learn from true experts who have been there and done it. Belief changes destiny.Don’t wait. Be the Greatest of All Time (GOAT).





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