The Sins of Viscount Worsley By Stacy Reid

The Sins of Viscount Worsley (Forever Yours #8) by Stacy Reid

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Book/Novel Author: Stacy Reid

Book/Novel Title: The Sins of Viscount Worsley

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Miss Marianne Ashbrook is left with little choice but to knock on Viscount Worsley’s door and demand he supports her sister’s child. After all, he is the father. She has little patience for rakes or men who leave their seed all over England without a by-your-leave. And even when his lordship allows her to care for his child under his scandalous roof, she is wary of his wicked reputation. Viscount Worsley knows the child is not his. He’s not shared a bed with a woman in months, and yet, something about Miss Ashbrook’s gumption makes him relent. Soon, the prim and proper miss is taking over the house! Despite his vow to reform his dissolute ways of the past, Worsley finds it torturous to resist her. A few kisses and one wicked night at his notorious gambling den entices Worsley into rethinking his position on love and family. Except Miss Ashbrook is not so easy to persuade and it will take all his seductive wiles and perhaps his heart, to court her into submission.

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