The Smuggler’s Chase By Cap Daniels

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The Smuggler’s Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel (Chase Fulton Novels Book 16) By Cap Daniels


Book/Novel Author: Cap Daniels

Book/Novel Title: The Smuggler’s Chase



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Out of Time . . . Out of Options . . .Out of Nowhere When a United States Supreme Court justice is abducted by an international cartel of terrorists, American covert operative Chase Fulton and his team of tier-one operators are ordered to find and rescue the victim, but that’s only phase one of the mission that may change the landscape of international diplomacy forever.In a tropical paradise where vacationers see nothing less than perfection in every detail, from The Bahamas to South America, Chase and the team are forced to dive beneath the flawless surface and into the depths of terroristic depravity to unravel a web of unthinkable atrocity and infiltrate and devour an evil like none they’ve ever faced.When the U.S. military isn’t an option, and the FBI is shackled by bureaucracy, only the invisible forces capable of operating beyond the limits of civility and front-page exposure can crush the tyranny overshadowing the American geopolitical scene and restore order to the highest court.Join the warriors as they once again stare evil in the eye and refuse to blink. Stretching their capabilities and their very souls to limits like never before, five men hold countless lives and the foundations of freedom in their hands. But as they face a fearless enemy with nearly limitless resources, the team must wage a war like no other while racing against the relentless clock and the horrific consequences of failure.From the shallows of the tranquil Caribbean, to the depths of the soul-wrenching unimaginable, let Cap Daniels take you on an adventure you’ll never forget and leave you questioning if freedom could stand without men like Chase Fulton and his team.
I didn’t think this series could get any better, but I was wrong. Where do we go from here? Read more to find d out!
I have read the series and anxiously await each new book. I love the group and feel their bonds in every new adventure. Thank you Cap for allowing us ( your readers) in your imagination.
The Fulton band of merry heroes is as delightful as it is dangerous. Action is continuous, personalities are powerful, story lines are bold and believable. Always enjoyable, always a salute to the real life champions of freedom who live this “fiction”every day.
Fabulous read however, without giving away anything, I’m worried about the next episode!!! Keep up the great work Cap!!! Onward
As always a thrilling story could not put it down so sorry about Chases foot but I’m sure he will manage to over come it in the next adventure. I also like the authors notes at the end of the book. Betty a reader
Chase Fulton stories never disappoint. This action packed episode covering 2 continents and several Caribbean Islands has personal drama, vicious combat, humor, a fast pace and multiple plots that interconnect. This ‘no-name’ group of cowboys as some call them in this book save the day (s) but lose some lives in the process.


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