The Storm’s Whisper By T.A. White

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The Storm’s Whisper (The Broken Lands Book 5) By T.A. White


Book/Novel Author: T.A. White

Book/Novel Title: The Storm’s Whisper



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The path to peace is never easy.As the first Caller in living memory, Eva struggles to find her footing as the bridge between her chosen people and the mythological race known as the Kyren.When unexpected arrivals threaten to test the newly formed alliance, Eva and her protector, Caden, fight to hold together the fast-fraying bonds before peace unravels and war once again returns. Should she fail, bloodshed the likes the Broken Lands haven’t seen since the cataclysm will stain the ground red.The mysterious abilities that lie at the heart of Eva’s power will be her salvation or lead to her becoming an evil far worse than anything seen before. Will this land fall or be reborn into a new age?
I have read every book in this got better and better but the caller is definitely one of my favorite characters . The author truly explains all the good and bad traits of man kind and the need to over come differences. To love long and happy comes down to one thingto love and respect of every species.
One if my favorite books if this series. Laughter tears a really string story with characters you can fall in love with
This book was alright but the writing was not as good as the others in the series. Too much use of modern slang like “awesome “ or “oh sh** handle” and the use of the term crazy and others. The first books in the series did not have this annoyance. Too there is too much emoting and thinking of the past and motives in the middle of action scenes so that when they start a fight or a conversation or whatever it takes 2 pages for the next physical move or speech on the characters part. It was still good learning more about favorite characters and moving the plot of the series along, even if it has become disjointed.

I could not stop until the whole novel was consumed, sometimes I felt like a traitor for how much affection I felt for Eva compared to Shea which just goes to show that this author has one great series here no matter the main Heroine
Wasn’t expecting this book from T. A. White, but glad she gave it to us readers. Really enjoyed going back to this world and these characters.


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4.9/5309 ratings