The Sunderlands By Anastasia K. King

The Sunderlands (World of Aureum, #1) by Anastasia K. King

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Book/Novel Author: Anastasia K. King

Book/Novel Title: The Sunderlands

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A Kingdom of Men is pushing the Elven clans of the Sunderlands over the brink of extinction. The mortal counterpart to the God of Death, Keres has the power to stem the tide of bloodshed. As brutal civil war threatens to tear her homeland asunder, she struggles to control her gift without succumbing to a curse of unslakable blood-lust. When her people are attacked, she can no longer hold back. The beast within awakens. Gods know there will be no redemption on the other side of her revenge. Wading deeper into the darkness plaguing her land, unraveling the secrets of her heritage, Keres faces a greater challenge: finding her place in this world or being broken by it. Many seek to tame her and use her as a divine weapon.Including a Knight desiring to claim her body and spirit. As the war between Man and Elf stains the Sunderlands with innocent blood, Keres must make a choice: save her people and damn her cursed soul, or forsake the Gods and her homeland to gain freedom. Note: This story is not suitable for persons under the age of 18. “This book is packed with action nonstop from the very beginning. Once you get trapped in this world, you’ll be so invested in the characters. When I received this book as an ARC, I was interested to see how death itself could be a character without getting boring. Well, this book did Death justice. I was hooked immediately.” – Michelle “Must read now. Thrilling new novel on death possession. Yes, you read that right. Death has captured a princess and has a use for her! This book has a lot of emotional struggles, will tear at your heartstrings, and keep you guessing. What you think you know… you really have no idea.” – Nicole “What the bloody hell?! What an amazing find! Excellent start to a debut series. Great spin on fantasy, great action & lusty moments. I can’t wait to see what happens next!” – Emily “This was a dark and edgy read. Plot twists were on point. I was literally glued to the screen, rooting for Death to take the wheel!” – Elizabeth “Fantastic read! Keres is the type of heroine who makes you cheer her on for her next kill. So many twists and turns, brilliant world building. I couldn’t put this book down!!” – Vanessa

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