The Taste of Ginger By Mansi Shah

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The Taste of Ginger: A Novel By Mansi Shah


Book/Novel Author: Mansi Shah

Book/Novel Title: The Taste of Ginger



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In Mansi Shah’s stunning debut novel, a family tragedy beckons a first-generation immigrant to the city of her birth, where she grapples with her family’s past in search of where she truly belongs.After her parents moved her and her brother to America, Preeti Desai never meant to tear her family apart. All she did was fall in love with a white Christian carnivore instead of a conventional Indian boy. Years later, with her parents not speaking to her and her controversial relationship in tatters, all Preeti has left is her career at a prestigious Los Angeles law firm.But when Preeti receives word of a terrible accident in the city where she was born, she returns to India, where she’ll have to face her estranged parents…and the complicated past they left behind. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of her heritage, Preeti catches a startling glimpse of her family’s battles with class, tradition, and sacrifice. Torn between two beautifully flawed cultures, Preeti must now untangle what home truly means to her.
I liked the characters and their interactions. More than that I liked their stories. Didn’t seem contrived at all. The most interesting is the backstory of human nature, families and prejudices…and how inescapable they are. For some reason I find India fascinating. I think it is the color! Beautifully painted in this novel.
… everything was new to me. The characters struggled, to understand, to live, to find their own way. And I got to see that struggle in a way that gave me a small window into understanding it. No one can really understand another’s experience but this gave me an inkling into it for these characters. Really good book.
A relatable story of a young woman grappling with her identity, family expectations and her own dreams. I felt I know her and am rooting for those like her to find the courage to way find meaning and satisfaction.
This is one of the best books I’ve read in years. I feel different inside than when I started this book. Moving, insightful, and rich.
Although the author wrote about Indian culture, her insights are easily transferred to humans generally. Her writing is gentle, and her wrestling with the negative aspects of the caste system represent an honest struggle without aggression. A thoroughly enjoyable read.
This beautiful novel gave me a new appreciation for the struggles faced by immigrants, especially in the workplace. I love the relationships between Preeti and her parents, her brother, his wife. The pictures painted so artfully of the events in India are pure and beautiful. Hope it becomes a movie one day!


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