The Three Kings By Penelope Barsetti

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The Three Kings (Forsaken Book 3) By Penelope Barsetti


Book/Novel Author: Penelope Barsetti

Book/Novel Title: The Three Kings



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My husband betrayed me.Forgiveness isn’t an option.I’ll ask Queen Rolfe to break our marriage. We both want it.Not to mention—she owes me.
A three book series that is amazing! I couldn’t put my Kindle down. Penelope Barsetti is amazing author. From beginning to end the characters capture you and take you on a journey.
Ok, I will be the first to admit that I’m having trouble getting into stories lately, which sucks for a compulsive reader like me. Luckily, I found Penelope’s Forsaken Series this weekend, devouring all three books and wanting more. There was a lot to enjoy in this enemies to lovers adventure fantasy where revenge collides with forgiveness and kingdoms are undone and remade.So why the “but” in my review title and 4 stars instead of five?First, one more positive before my complaint.I thoroughly enjoyed all three of the featured relationships, each was compe!ling in its own right. I was invested in the characters and the romances.BUT…here comes the but.Despite numerous, well-written sexy scenes, the author’s continued overuse of “big dick” to describe male anatomy started to drive me a bit bonkers. Not that I don’t fully appreciate the sentiment. But using that exact description MULTIPLE times at first made me chuckle, though eventually I was rolling my eyes and scoffing, and ultimately, I ended up replacing the phrase with my own alternative word/s each time a BD popped up. Pun intended.I still loved the story, but so many BD references definitely became distracting, and not in a pleasurable way. LOL In fact, I found myself tempted to count BDs. (I didn’t)I understand authors have their go-to words and phrases, but…well. Enough said on that subject. Please know, I have every intention of reading more books by Penelope Barsetti. I am curious to see if all her male leads are blessed in the same way.
I loved this bookI know Huntley broke his promise to Ivory but her dad deserved it and then come to find out he was an even worst person than they originally knew. The book had several POV and I am still in love with the dragons they make the story for sure
If you like some love, fantasies and undying determination you’ll enjoy these books. Kept my attention a!I through the 3 books.
So this is an update review because I couldn’t find mine from over a month ago: originally posted on February 22nd.Love, love, love this series! Wish I could give itmore than 5 stars! I wasn’t sure what to expectabout this being fantasy but I’ve fallen in lovewith all of these new characters. Ivory, Huntley,Elora, Bastian, and of course the dragons! It was romantic, action packed, heart breaking, steamy,unexpected and just everything you want in a good book. I’m so sad it’s over, I want more from the other characters. Loved that you stepped into a different genre but your writing is always perfection!!The only thing I was slightly off was how quickly they won all the kingdoms. I felt it a little rushed. Maybe because we all wanted more, but don’t we always. Maybe a sequel with Elora & Bastien and Ian.
I really enjoyed this series. The characters were well developed & it was nice to get their viewpoint of their world. Lots of action & sex.


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