The Torid Affair By Laurann Dohner

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The Torid Affair (Veslor Mates Book 5) By Laurann Dohner


Book/Novel Author: Laurann Dohner

Book/Novel Title: The Torid Affair



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When riots erupt on planet Torid, the crew of Defcon Red is tasked with quelling the violence and tending the injured. Even Alien Research Specialist Jessa Brick is pressed into service. Arguably more comfortable in her lab, the doctor is shocked at the obvious inequality on Torid. She vows to help every citizen, rich or poor, even if it runs counter to the colony governor’s wishes…and means working closely with a certain grumpy alien.

Veslor medic Maith has long been annoyed by the prickly Dr. Brick and her repeated attempts to study his race like lab rats. But working together on Torid shows him a different side of Jessa. The closer they become, the more his admiration and attraction grows…especially when he’s ordered to keep Jessa safe. That means they must stay together every minute during the mission.

As danger closes in, it’s not just duty that drives Maith to protect Jessa. Primal Veslor instincts are impossible to deny.
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Two medical entities, one human and one veslorwho go head to head verbal sparing, are thrown together on a mission to get control back on a planet that is rioting. An assignment to protect the human doctor bonds the two completely while the fleet ship investigate the cause of the rioting. The book has lots of action, secret surprises, and an unexpected finish.
Characters are always enjoyable and the plots are well designed. Always are could be possible. Can’t wait for the next one.
I don’t know what has happenedto Lauraan but this series is just terrible. I have tried to read these and have now given up.
Love this series from the author.Highly recommend not only this book but this author. Her stories suck you in.
This is about Dr Brick and Maiths contentious relationship. They have to bary the hatchet to work together to bring down some criminals.They end up spending way more time together than they expected. This helps them see themselves as a couple. Unfortunately they have to deal with Fleet rules for her. This story has a good plot and these two eventually deserve each other. Well worth reading.
So happy to finally get to read it. This book was great from the beginning to the end. I have read all the Veslor mates series. Not a book to pass up on.


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4.9/5309 ratings