The Traveler 2 By Xander Jade

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The Traveler 2 By Xander Jade


Book/Novel Author: Xander Jade

Book/Novel Title: The Traveler 2



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Dominic has immersed himself in the world of Risona and has made friends and enemies. With others now relying on him, Dom tries to come up with ways to improve their lives. Those ideas will help his family if his enemies don’t make trouble for him. In this second part of his journey, Dom keeps inventing items not known to the world, strives not to give in to societies standards, and learns that his compassion for others will get him into trouble.Disclaimer: This book is a slice of life novel and will not be for everyone. It has unconventional relationships, cursing, sexual content, and violence. For mature audiences and not rated for anyone under 18.Read more
Great book! From beginning to end this book was interesting and captivating it was hard to put down. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and could not perceive the outcome.
So the interesting part about this book is there is pretty much no detail of any of the magic system even though it’s obviously there.Well that would normally bothered me because I like those details this book is a lot of fun. The story and the characters are all interesting and unique and the adventure that the traveler Dom is having is fun and entertaining. The sex is mostly non detailed but there are some fun sexytime romps that are more granular.All Saturday is basically an adventure Where has a traveler introduces items and adventures from our world into another one. He is obviously there for a reason that was not shared with him as part of some test And more of that part of the story is slowly coming out I look forward to some more details in the next book.
Okay i must say that the story itself is good and interesting but Doms interactions with the woman are, for lack of a better word, cringy. I know its a male fantasy but some words and lines are to cringy for me at least. 3/4 of the woman’s dialog are about adult time and baby making. All the woman complain about the men being week and wanting them to stand up for themselves but if their society has been based on woman leading and men being protected for over 1000 years wouldnt they be content with that system. And Dom goes around saying he can take care of himself and not week is fine but gets annoying when its stated every few pages. The background on their society isnt really talked about alot nor the consequences of the war. Everything is mostly getting frisky. I also dont understand why he wouldnt take the two woman as his own because they slept around..he was doing the same thing. I just found it hypocritical
Really enjoying this series. Nothing really new or groundbreaking in the genre, but if you like harem lit you’ll probably love the book
Great BookLoved this series need to know when book 3 is coming out or is this the end. Hopefully not
It was a fun story and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Looking forward to see how everything progresses. Keep up the good work.


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