The Tuesday Night Club and Other Stories By Agatha Christie

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The Tuesday Night Club and Other Stories By Agatha Christie


Book/Novel Author: Agatha Christie

Book/Novel Title: The Tuesday Night Club and Other Stories

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A brand new learning aid, incorporating 2 CDs and a complementary book, that uses the stories of the peerless Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie, to both teach and improve English — and to entertain. A new product designed for those people who wish to improve their English by the tried and tested method of ‘reading, hearing and understanding’. Using Christie’s simple, yet flawless, English, the twists and turns of her plots will keep listeners entertained whilst they improve their grammar and vocabulary. Each volume is read by a selection of celebrated readers, many of who are already synonymous with Agatha Christie, The Queen of Crime after appearing in the world-renowned television adaptations of her work. With each CD specifically featuring a variety of readers, listeners will get used to hearing and understanding English spoken in a variety of dialects, tones and pitches. The Tuesday Night Club read by Joan Hickson The Fourth Man read by Christopher Lee The Affair at the Victory Ball read by David Suchet The Case of the Discontented Soldier read by Hugh Fraser **

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