The Undertaking of Adam Novak By Sofie Hern

The Undertaking of Adam Novak (Adam Novak, #1) by Sofie Hern

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Book/Novel Author: Sofie Hern

Book/Novel Title: The Undertaking of Adam Novak

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This is one intense, non-stop action family drama you don’t want to miss! There is nothing we wouldn’t do for the ones that we love. In The Undertaking of Adam Novak, we learn that every choice we make has the potential to change lives, but not always for the better. For years Adam has attempted to leave his toxic marriage and always finds a reason to stay. After the sudden and unexpected death of his sister, Tianna, he is left with one seemingly simple and obvious choice: to leave his unhappy marriage and take care of his ten-year-old nephew, Aaron. What follows is a series of events that will turn Adam’s life into chaos as his decision unleashes the wrath of an obsessed woman determined to keep Adam by her side. Irene has only ever loved one man, and she will go to great lengths to keep him—by any means necessary. She knows that Adam has been in love with another woman for years, but is convinced that he will eventually fall in love with her and forget that the other woman ever existed. In Sofie Hern’s debut novel, we learn that happily ever after is only an illusion and that seemingly simple choices are anything but.

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