The Unseelie Crown By Kathryn Ann Kingsley

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The Unseelie Crown (Maze of Shadows Book 2) By Kathryn Ann Kingsley


Book/Novel Author: Kathryn Ann Kingsley

Book/Novel Title: The Unseelie Crown



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The gods brought her back. But was it to stop Valroy, or to become his queen?Valroy will let nothing block his path to the Unseelie Crown. And he is willing to stop at nothing to see both Tir n’Aill and Earth as his dominion…and crushing the self-righteous Seelie beneath his bootheels.He had wished for Abigail to stand beside him as his queen, but that went terribly wrong when she chose death over becoming his bride. It was a setback, certainly, but not one he could not overcome.Yet despite being wrenched from the song of life, Abigail returns to Tir n’Aill, only to be hunted by both Seelie and Unseelie alike. She does not know why she was returned or for what purpose, but it was clear that two paths lay before her.Is she to become Valroy’s enemy, or to allow him to make her his queen in chains?
Im a fan. That is literally all I can say. I love her books, I love her work, I love the worlds she builds, the villains you hate to love, the strong female characters, the way she makes you feel. KAK is in my top 5 and this book is just another example as to why that is. I was hoping for a bit more punishment from Valroy towards our main girl, but I’m definitely not disappointed!
Needless to say after the ending of the first book I couldn’t wait to dig into this one. I love the continued banter between Valroy and Abigail. I will also note the tension between these two is amazing. Can’t wait for more! I am also impressed with Abigail and her ability to adapt to all of these changes. The changes that are made between both characters as the story progresses is awesome. Another cliffhanger ending, but this series is also four books long. Onto the next!
KAK only gets better with every new story. I love Abigail and Valroy! Valroy is everything. Abigail is strong, intelligent, powerful, and yet still humble. I am enjoying the progression of this story immensely. KAK has earned her place as my favorite author. This is a series I will read again and again, and I recommend it highly!
With the lack of books to read I fear I will stick with this series. As sad as it sounds I am more curious than I am annoyed with these novels. I get the strongest feeling that Abigail is a bit dim and 4 books in is when the author will finally reveal that Valroy and his maze are one in the same. I wish this experience to be less tedious.
I didn’t really get into book 1, but was hoping book 2 would catch my interest. No such luck. Pretty boring and runs the same general story line as so many other books, just less inspiring and less creative. Won’t go forward with book 3.
The character development in the book is bananas. While very little time passes, the story leaps forward and I am here for every moment. One of the best written ML I have ever read.


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4.9/5309 ratings