The Unseelie King By Kathryn Ann Kingsley

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The Unseelie King (Maze of Shadows Book 4) By Kathryn Ann Kingsley


Book/Novel Author: Kathryn Ann Kingsley

Book/Novel Title: The Unseelie King



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One king is dead, and the other is in chains.Tir n’Aill perches on the edge of a knife in the wake of a series of betrayals that has shaken the fae to the core.Abigail finds herself questioning who is friend and who is foe. When she is forced to make her decision between mercy and love, she finds her choice is one that might tear the very world apart.Forces gather to wage war and decide the fate of Tir n’Aill. And in the center of it all, Abigail is nearly torn in two, caught between her desire to protect her new people and her love for Valroy.For he is now the Unseelie King. The world is his to burn.And only she can stop him.
Loved it!!! One of my favorite series of all time. Beautiful writing and I definitely could not put these books down
I started this series out of boredom and curiosity and a mild obsession with the Fae. And by the end of the 1st book Valroy’s unique sense of humor and me cackling like a lunatic and I needed to know how it all would play out in the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I do believe I have another author to add to my list of favorites.
I’m honestly disappointed in myself for even reading this whole series but I needed to see how it ended and I was, once more, disappointed. Morally grey LI are not my thing, especially when they’re irredeemable. Being capable of love is not redemption. It took way too long for Abigail to understand her power and even then, she barely touches it. She remains weak and indecisive. Watch the world burn or break my own heart… There isn’t much of choice there. The violent sex scenes weren’t necessary. The way he thought about her and their sex wasn’t necessary. He was disgusting until the very end. “The Unseelie kill but the Seelie lie” narrative was odd. The two are not comparable. This felt like a book written by a woman who would write to a serial killer in prison.
This series keeps you on your toes! The genuine love and hate the characters have for one another is so deep!
It was a fun read. I read all four, after all. Some characters were more like able and interesting than others. By the end of the book, I felt like I was reading the story despite the main character, Abigail Moore, rather than for her. It feels tragic to say that about an author’s character. Lord knows Miss Kingsley put sweat and blood into these books! I just felt Abigail was relentlessly repetitive and, despite all her great power, weak. I’d have read an entire book about the selkie and the sea monster. I’d read an entire series about Puck!
That ending gave me a heart attack…. Agony. Loved the series! A villian until the end! Five stars of entertainment!


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4.9/5309 ratings