The Vanishing Triangle By Claire McGowan

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The Vanishing Triangle: The Murdered Women Ireland Forgot By Claire McGowan


Book/Novel Author: Claire McGowan

Book/Novel Title: The Vanishing Triangle



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From the bestselling author of What You Did comes a true-crime investigation that cast a dark shadow over the Ireland of her childhood.Ireland in the 1990s seemed a safe place for women. With the news dominated by the Troubles, it was easy to ignore non-political murders and sexual violence, to trust that you weren’t going to be dragged into the shadows and killed. But beneath the surface, a far darker reality had taken hold.Through questioning the society and circumstances that allowed eight young women to vanish without a trace―no conclusion or conviction, no resolution for their loved ones―bestselling crime novelist Claire McGowan delivers a candid investigation into the culture of secrecy, victim-blaming and shame that left these women’s bodies unfound, their fates unknown, their assailants unpunished. McGowan reveals an Ireland not of leprechauns and craic but of outdated social and sexual mores, where women and their bodies were of secondary importance to perceived propriety and misguided politics—a place of well-buttoned lips and stony silence, inadequate police and paramilitary threat.Was an unknown serial killer at large or was there something even more insidious at work? In this insightful, sensitively drawn account, McGowan exposes a system that failed these eight women—and continues to fail women to this day.
Why did I read this? How did I find it? Not sure but glad I did. Opened my eyes to pitfalls in another beautiful country. The author’s presentation of the facts was interesting to follow. Hopefully the book will help facilitate change in Ireland, and possibly Wales, in missing person cases.
I was expecting a novel or at least some resolution. This is more of a historical document. I didn’t finish it.
There is a lot of repetition in this book. The author seems to have done a lot of research on the missing women in Ireland in the 90s, but the organization is lacking.
A well written, engaging book, where the author tells you about the cases, gives commentary and facts about the era in a casual style. It reads a little bit like an autobiography full of neat recent history and murder.

I was expecting a story, but the beginning is written more like a bad news article. I think it was meant to create suspense and draw you in, but for me, it did the opposite. I don’t often start any book and then drop it, but I just couldn’t get into this one, no matter how compelling the book description.


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