THE VILLAGE MYSTERIES four cozy murder mystery box set By MARGARET MAYHEW

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THE VILLAGE MYSTERIES four cozy murder mystery box set (Cozy British Crime Box Set) By MARGARET MAYHEW


Book/Novel Author: MARGARET MAYHEW

Book/Novel Title: THE VILLAGE MYSTERIES four cozy murder mystery box set



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GET FOUR BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN COZY VILLAGE MURDER MYSTERIES IN ONE GREAT-VALUE BOX SET.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I was enthralled from the first to the last page.” Lizzie⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The Colonel, Naomi, and Thursday have stolen my heart.” H.G. WilliamsIf you enjoy Stella Cameron, Faith Martin, Agatha Christie, Simon Brett, Frances Evesham, Jeanne M. Dams, Betty Rowlands or M.C. Beaton, then prepare to be hooked from the first page of this bestselling series.WELCOME TO FROG END, A BEAUTIFUL ENGLISH VILLAGE WITH SOME DARK SECRETS . . .READERS CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THE VILLAGE MYSTERIES:“A wonderfully written cozy of the highest calibre.” Ann“Thoroughly enjoyable.” Sherri“I look forward to visiting Frog End again.” Laura____________________________IN THIS FOUR-BOOK BOX SET:BOOK 1: OLD SOLDIERS NEVER DIEMeet the Colonel. He moves to a quiet country cottage in Dorset, which he visited with his late wife. He decides that the upcoming fete will be the start of his mission to fit into village life. But when Lady Swynford is found dead, it becomes clear that Frog End has a darker side. And as Inspector Squibb investigates the case, the Colonel finds himself more involved than he could possibly have imagined.BOOK 2: THREE SILENT THINGSThe Colonel discovers the ageing acting legend Lois Delaney dead in her bath. Her eyes are wide with surprise, her mouth a little open. It appears to be suicide, yet she was looking forward to a grand comeback on the London stage. Why would she kill herself? Haunted by the look frozen on Lois’s face, the Colonel won’t rest till he uncovers the truth.BOOK 3: OLD BONESA friend of the Colonel’s wife writes him that ‘something horrible has happened.’ Cornelia Heathcote, whose wealthy husband is away on business, has discovered a body buried under the floor of her barn. First the Colonel must work out who the bones belong to. But that’s just the beginning of his problems. For this victim had many enemies in the wealthy village. Which of them wanted him dead?BOOK 4: THE SEVENTH LINKThe Colonel’s old friend Geoffrey Cheetham invites him to the village of Buckby for the weekend, to coincide with an RAF reunion event. After depositing an outraged Thursday at Cat Heaven cattery, the Colonel drives up to stay at the Cheethams’ rambling B&B. The guests include a Lancaster bomber crew, reunited for the first time. But everything is not as harmonious as it seems. Then someone is found drowned in the lake . . .YOU GET ALL FOUR OF THE ABOVE BOOKS IN THIS EDITION. DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS BESTSELLING SERIES.____________________________MEET YOUR NEW FAVOURITE AMATEUR SLEUTH.At the grand old age of 55, the Colonel was put out to grass by the British Army. In the same year, his beloved wife, Laura, died. He found himself facing a bleak and lonely future. One summer, years before, he and Laura visited a village in Dorset called Frog End, which had a spit-and-sawdust pub called the Dog and Duck. Laura had fallen in love with a stone cottage across the village green. Years later, after her death, the Colonel had revisited the same village alone and seen Laura’s dream cottage. Against his better judgement, he bought it.THE SETTINGThe cottage was called Pond Cottage and the Colonel soon discovered that he had made a big mistake. The two-hundred-year-old building had deathwatch beetle, rising damp, a falling roof, rot and decay throughout. There was no heating and the wiring was a dangerous disgrace. There was no sign of any pond. But there were compensations: a view over the beautiful village green, clusters of other stone cottages, a Norman church built on Saxon foundations, a graveyard of ancient tombs leaning at perilous angles. And, of course, the Dog and Duck.
Great read with engaging characters. Through all the twists and turns there is a sense of comfort, integrity and fun.
Easy fun reading. Nothing harsh or shocking, just enjoyable stories that hold your interest. This is a new author to me and I’ll be watching for more from her.
This series drew me in quickly with its likeable and mature main chatter, The Colonel. He is retired from the Army and is coping with being on his own after the death of his beloved wife, Laura. He has two grown children with whom he is on good terms. He lives in a small village where he purchased an old cottage with”lots of potential” because Laura once saw it and dreamed of living in such a place. The stories are full of an interesting cast of characters and various situations/murders that the Colonel is drawn into. A wonderful British cozy series.
I have just binge read wonderful cozy mysteries. It’s been difficult to put them down. And now I’m sorry I finished them.From reading these I believe Miss Mayhew must have a lovely garden. I like the recurring characters with all their foibles and quirks. I do skim over the first part of the mysteries, which quickly rehash the beginning of the first book, but I understand the reason for the rehash, so that each mystery can be stand alone. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys cozy English mysteries. By the way I very rarely write a review. I am a voracious reader so I don’t like to take time away from reading to write a review. I do however always give Stars.

Looking forward to more in this genre. The Colonel is comfortable and turns a great mystery. Once begun , hard to put down. A very British storyline. Highly recommend.


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