The Warlock 2 By Dante King

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The Warlock 2 By Dante King


Book/Novel Author: Dante King

Book/Novel Title: The Warlock 2



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The meeting with the other Warlocks that Wes has been waiting for is about to go ahead, but something else just came up. Something that might change not only Wesley Alban’s life, but the lives of everyone in the entire world.Wes has found an angel below the Deja Vu bar. Apparently, that’s a bad thing. Her very existence on Earth could spell all-out war between the forces of Heaven and Hell, with Earth as the battlefield.This beautiful angel desperately needs the protection of Wes and his guild. Will holding onto her lead to the End of Days, or will Wes figure out some way out of this new mess?
Talk about opening it up in the second act. The story went from nice romp to holy [email protected] in a heartbeat. It’s like the original Star Wars. The second movie opened the can of worms just like this book. Hope there’s no Ewalks in this one.

The adventures of Wes and his guild just keep getting crazier! I can’t wait to see what lies in store in the next volume.

The warlock has go expand has harem. In order to do do, he rescues an angel from the church beneath the dejavu. From there, he rescues a librarian from the archive and thessaly joins his guild. The paladinks get involved betraying the warlock and inviting angels to steal cirice. Now, he must go go heaven in order to rescue the angel girl.
What an imagination he has,wow. It was hard to take my time and read this story. You just had to know what was going to happen next. Now to wait until the next one comes out.


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4.9/5309 ratings