The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim By Jules Wake

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The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim: The most uplifting, feel good novel of 2022 from the bestselling author (Yorkshire Escape, Book 2) By Jules Wake


Book/Novel Author: Jules Wake

Book/Novel Title: The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim



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‘A delightful story that shows the value of kindness, acceptance and humour in creating bonds that truly matter among unlikely friends! It’s a perfect summer read!’ Faith Hogan, #1 bestselling author of The Midnight Ladies Swimming ClubFor fans of The Saturday Morning Park Run! Take the plunge and discover a gorgeous new read full of friendship, love and the healing power of community!Ettie is trying to figure out her future.Dominic’s just trying to forget his past.But with the help of some unlikely friends, young and old, a secret lake hidden in the grounds of a beautiful estate and a scruffy dog, a new community is formed – right when they all need each other the most.Readers can’t get enough of The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim:‘The highlight of my week – its full of friendship, romance and humour…Great characters and superb writing’ Jenn‘A great read full of kindness, acceptance, fighting for what matters and friendship!’ Sally‘A truly delightful book…I totally enjoyed every moment I spent reading’ Judy‘A wonderful story with a likeable group of characters…a delight’ Christine‘I absolutely loved this book…It’s all about people finding their confidence through swimming and falling in love’ Rosamund‘Brilliant story about wild swimming and friendship…enjoyable right to the end’ Joanne‘Definitely a book to read to help you feel better in these troubled times’ Colin‘A fabulously uplifting read with a very sassy main character in Ettie’ Sarah
EXCERPT: Thirty and still waiting for her life proper to start. She lived in a crappy house with four other people she barely knew; had to write her name on her milk, which still didn’t deter the midnight milk thief; couldn’t so much as chill a bottle of wine in the fridge for more than half an hour because that baby would be long gone, and don’t even get her started on the daily battle against the mould in the bathroom which had stained the grouting beyond saving.As for her job – the latest in a very long line – it turned out that working in a vintage clothes shop wasn’t quite as glamorous as she’d been led to believe. In truth, it was more like working in a charity shop, frequented by young people without the charity element, although she did meet some interesting people and there were perks. Last month, she’d snaffled a pair of vintage Louboutin shoes from an auction lot of accessories, having spotted the scuffed red leather soles. And before anyone should go thinking that was thieving, she’d told Sally, the owner of the shop, that she’d got her eye on a pair of shoes and she’d paid the suggested twenty quid because Sally wasn’t fussed about looking at them. It wasn’t as if she ever got paid overtime for all the times she stayed late at the shop, or had even seen as much as reimbursement for the Mac Red Rock lipstick that Sally insisted was essential for the job. Being blonde, blue-eyed and with a magnolia complexion, it really wasn’t her colour. Ettie felt you needed a brunette bob, nice thick lips and a mysterious smile to pull that look off, and possibly a trench coat that belted in the middle. She had thinnish lips that were quick and ready to smile and there was absolutely nothing mysterious about her. What you saw was what you got. Plenty of enthusiasm and not much staying power.ABOUT ‘THE WEDNESDAY MORNING WILD SWIM’: Ettie is trying to figure out her future.Dominic’s just trying to forget his past.But with the help of some unlikely friends, young and old, a secret lake hidden in the grounds of a beautiful estate and a scruffy dog, a new community is formed – right when they all need each other the most.MY THOUGHTS: An absolute gem!This is a fun read about friendship and kindness with a generous dollop of romance and a dressing of humour.It’s impossible not to love Ettie. She may always be late for work, but her sunny nature, enthusiasm and warmth more than makes up for it. She loves people and loves helping them, even if doing so causes chaos in her own life.Other characters include Ettie’s granddad, a man with a heart of gold and a wonderful allotment; Gracie, a widow and Dominic’s business partner in the hotel venture; and Dominic, who has been badly hurt in the past and has trust issues.The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim is a delightful and enchanting romantic-comedy with so much more to it. Beautifully written, it flows along, pulling the reader into the storyline and providing more than a few belly-laughs.Ettie, with her heart of gold, is torn between trying to be loyal to her boss, helping her granddad instil a sense of worth into a teenage amputee, and some confidence into Gracie, who seems to have given up on life since the death of her husband.There’s also an assortment of other interesting characters, some of whom were in the first book of this series. Although The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim is the second in the Yorkshire Escape series, it is easily read as a stand-alone. This is one of those lovely series that focuses on a location and each book focuses on a different set of characters.Laura Brydon’s narration of this audiobook was absolutely superb.⭐⭐⭐⭐.4THE AUTHOR: consider myself an honorary Yorkshire woman living in the Chilterns, who still misses proper hills.I always had an over active imagination which was fuelled by a passion for reading from a young age. A trip to the Bronte’s parsonage at Haworth with my grandmother cemented my desire to be a writer one day.After reading English at the University of East Anglia, working life began in the glamorous, but deeply shallow world of PR (and I enjoyed every minute of it) , where my fiction writing skills were honed on press releases and copy-writing projects.One day didn’t happen until I happened to take a break between jobs which also coincided with a local 6 week writing course. This brilliant course started me writing in earnest.. It was now a case of not being able to not write. When the course finished, I set up the Tring Writers Circle. As a writer, its good to network with other like minds who also have people talking in the head, or are dreaming up the latest plot.I felt obliged to set a good example, which also proved to be a genuine displacement activity for other tasks which I didn’t enjoy so much, such as cooking and ironing. Fortunately my husband is good at the former and an occasional participant in the latter.In January 2019, with both my children at university, I took the bold decision to give up my job as a school business manager and commit to full-time writing.DISCLOSURE: Thank you to Harper Collins UK Audio via Netgalley for providing an audio ARC of The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim written by Jules Wake and narrated by Laura Brydon for review. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions.
At first dip, I wasn’t sure in what direction Jules Wake was heading. Soon after treading water, I started cheering for Ettie and Dominic to succeed. Filled with colorful and charismatic characters, readers will fall in love with their antics. After living in London and traveling to the countryside, I can visualize Ettie’s journey.Jules Wake aka Julie Caplin provides escape reads and this time, readers retreat to the countryside. While the Wild Swim is a central plot, the twist examines the swimmers’ lives and why swimming provides relief from their regular routines.Readers, get ready for a wild read and adventure. Jump in, the water is fine and things will go swimmingly!
I am a big fan of Jules Wake and her newest book, The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim, was such a pleasure to read. This book is the second in her Yorkshire series so it was fun to recognize several characters I feel I already knew. There is a large cast of characters and their stories are well told. I love how the author writes about characters of various ages from teenager to seniors and that while the book has light moments it also covers serious issues. I really hope there will be another book in this series.
This is a truly delightful book with characters of many ages, which is something I always enjoy. There are several characters and all of them bring something especially needed to the story.As the story progresses, the characters grow and change and it is wonderful to read about how this transformation happens. I especially love the bond between Ettie (30’s) and Gracie (60’s). I always have had a close friend that was older than me, so I adore stories with this type of bond.Of course, I also enjoyed so much reading about Dominic and Ettie’s relationship. It might not be the normal path to a happily ever after, but it is perfect for the two of them.The book was a great mix of humorous and serious situations and I totally enjoyed every moment I spent reading this book and recommend it!

Loved reading about this mixed group of friends and the fun they have. This is a real feel good novel. Highly recommended.


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