The Wicked Wallflower By Tracy Sumner

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The Wicked Wallflower (The Duchess Society Book 3) By Tracy Sumner


Book/Novel Author: Tracy Sumner

Book/Novel Title: The Wicked Wallflower



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In this sizzling Regency romance by award-winning author Tracy Sumner, an unconventional sister to a duke and a rookery scoundrel risk their hearts in order to gain everything they’ve always desired. Each other.An Incorrigible HellionIndependent, impulsive Lady Philippa Darlington guarantees her freedom by playing the role of wallflower for two miserable seasons in the ton. With the guidance of the most feared feminist enterprise in London—the Duchess Society—Pippa vows never to marry. But a madcap misadventure throws her plan off course and puts her face-to-face with the only man she’s ever wanted. A man who doesn’t want her.A Rule-Breaking, Rookery TitanPrince of the streets, Xander Macauley crawled from the slums to rule an empire. He has secrets—and fierce desires. One being that he’s smitten with his best friend’s little sister. Although reckless Little Darlington is the last woman in England he’d risk his heart over. When he has to rescue her from a masquerade ball gone awry, Xander finds he will go to lengths greater than he’d imagined to possess her.The risks are undeniable.But so is true, devastating love.Dive into this captivating Regency romance and get ready to fall for a shamelessly obstinate lady and a rookery rogue who has never heard the word ‘no’.The Duchess Society Series#1 The Brazen Bluestocking#2 The Scandalous Vixen#3 The Wicked WallflowerMore to follow!Prequel to the series: The Ice Duchess
This author never disappoints! Truly sweet, sexy, adventurous story where the last reels in her man and almost tamed him but yet he keeps his edge. I enjoyed it very much!I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
I received a free copy of this book and I am voluntarily leaving this review. Both leads are strong rebellious stubborn and willful. One keeps progressing on a path and the other fights every step. Love truly is maddening .
I loved this book so much. Mac and Pippa are such a great couple. She is clever and knows her own worth, while he worries that he is too old and too lowborn for him. He also fears her brother – a duke and one of his best friends – will kill him if he gives into his desire for Pippa. Mac and Pippa had tangible chemistry and I loved being an observer to their story, I also really loved the friendship elements to this book. The relationship between Mac, Roan, Tobias, and Dex is so lovely. They support each other and form an enviable friendship group. The Leighton Cluster indeed! This whole series has been delightful and I look forward to the next book in the series. Strong women are always a delight and Ms. Sumner is excellent at weaving steamy scenes into the fabric of the story. This is definitely worth a read.I did receive a free copy of this title through NetGalley. The opinions expressed here are my own.
I absolutely loved Pippa and Macs story. He grew up in the stews and she now a Dukes sister. She knows what she wants and she wants him. It will take some doing on her part before he he says I love you.
A cheesy and fun read, perfect for a slow Sunday. It works fine on it’s one. But works far better if you have read the previous books
Say it’s a book about a gaming den with rogues and wallflowers……and I’m there! Lady Philippa (Pippa) dresses as to hide among the less popular ladies so that she can help out in the Duchess Society. )If you’ve yet to read books 1 and 2, this small group of ladies research partners for those looking towards marriage.) It takes Pippa to debauched masquerades for one.Pippa is so attracted to gaming hell partner, Xander Macauley, but she knows he can have practically any woman he wants. He denies any allure he has drawing him to Pippa. Then why does he have someone follow her to keep her safe?Loved the assignation in the linen closet where Macauley paced waiting for Pippa to apologize. He appears to most as a big, beautiful brute, but Pippa knows of his depths. His gambling den workers are rescued from the stews where he grew up. He can fight his attraction all he wants, but is a brief affair enough? There’s always some angst while waiting for him to decide.Can’t wait for the next book to come out!I received a copy of this book for my honest opinion.


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