The Wisdom of Crowds By Joe Abercrombie

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The Wisdom of Crowds (The Age of Madness Book 3) By Joe Abercrombie


Book/Novel Author: Joe Abercrombie

Book/Novel Title: The Wisdom of Crowds



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From the New York Times bestselling author of A Little Hatred comes the stunning conclusion to the Age of Madness trilogy where the world finds itself in an unstoppable revolution, and the heroes have nothing left to lose as darkness and destruction overtake everything . . .”A master of his craft.” —ForbesChaos. Fury. Destruction.The Great Change is upon us . . .Some say that to change the world you must first burn it down. Now that belief will be tested in the crucible of revolution: the Breakers and Burners have seized the levers of power, the smoke of riots has replaced the smog of industry, and all must submit to the wisdom of crowds.With nothing left to lose, Citizen Brock is determined to become a new hero for the new age, while Citizeness Savine must turn her talents from profit to survival before she can claw her way to redemption. Orso will find that when the world is turned upside down, no one is lower than a monarch. And in the bloody North, Rikke and her fragile Protectorate are running out of allies . . . while Black Calder gathers his forces and plots his vengeance.The banks have fallen, the sun of the Union has been torn down, and in the darkness behind the scenes, the threads of the Weaver’s ruthless plan are slowly being drawn together . . .”No one writes with the seismic scope or primal intensity of Joe Abercrombie.” —Pierce BrownFor more from Joe Abercrombie, check out:The Age of MadnessA Little HatredThe Trouble With PeaceThe Wisdom of CrowdsThe First Law TrilogyThe Blade ItselfBefore They Are HangedLast Argument of KingsBest Served ColdThe HeroesRed CountryThe Shattered Sea TrilogyHalf a KingHalf a WorldHalf a WarRead more
First book was, OK second so so, but this third one is total disaster.If you expect fantasy skip it and probably whole trilogy…You will get some badly written historic book about strange mashup of French/Russian revolution….
The only problem with any of Joe Abercrombie ‘s books are that they end. A great conclusion to another great trilogy.
The best word to describe my feelings after finishing this last book is: railroaded.As in, all the adorable houses my feelings for the characters of the series lived in were bulldozed, and when the rubble cleared, train tracks were there in their stead; tracks on which a passenger commute collided with a freight train, leaving corpses strewn all about, and that was before we heard about the poisonous payload leaking into the water table and now we can’t reach our friends who lived close-by and there’s word of a curfew.The firework of ideas the author sets off with a gleeful pyromaniacal cackle in the second half of the book would have been sufficient for roughly three stand alone novels, and left me with vertigo from the zoom-out revealing that the playing field had been much larger and the players entirely different from what I had imagined.My sorrow about not getting to read those is of course offset by the set up of what looks like at least another three book arc (although we could all hope for maybe nine?), and I’ll live in fear what that man is going to do to those poor defenseless literary characters he has had the cruelty to create and instill with such vivid hopes and dreams.
As most people reading this book, I’ve read all of Joe Abercrombie’s novels leading up to this. I can confidently say this 3rd book in the Age of Madness series is a masterpiece. It is a fantastic culmination of all the plots, characters, and themes leading up to this. Calling this the Age of Madness is very apt. I can understand why there are several poorly ranked reviews of this book. It is different in theme that his other books, with less action (although there is a great deal of action). It is very bleak, but again if you know Abercrombie’s work this should be no surprise. It deftly handles character growth and multiple interconnecting character stories like few other authors can accomplish. All in all, I am in awe at how great this book and series are.

You won’t be sorry to get in. Read away and be absorbed back into this great story. Abercrombie for king.


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