The Witches’ Blade By AK Mulford

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The Witches’ Blade (The Five Crowns of Okrith Book 2) By AK Mulford


Book/Novel Author: AK Mulford

Book/Novel Title: The Witches’ Blade



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A magic sword. A powerful curse. An untested fae princess.Eighteen-year-old Ruadora Dammacus now possesses the Immortal Blade. But when Rua discovers the Northern King’s uncle is alive and has cast a spell on a blue witch army, she realizes that the battle is just beginning.Venturing into the Northern Court, Rua finds herself with an unlikely ally in the new King. Her problems are mounting, and the handsome King is only one of them. With the eyes of her newfound family on her, can Rua prove herself worthy of the Immortal Blade or will its magic be too powerful? Danger, intrigue, and thrilling passion ensues as Rua battles to break the witches’ curse.Enthralling and adrenaline-filled, The Witches’ Blade is the second book in the gripping high fantasy saga, The Five Crowns of Okrith.
The Witches’ Blade, The Five Crowns of Okrith, Book #2: 10/25/2021 I was blessed with the opportunity to read an advanced reader copy of The Witches’ Blade, The Five Crowns of Okrith Book #2 and highly recommend reading! 5 stars! I went into this read quite stubbornly (basically already deciding no new character would replace my love for *Remy) and in the end, my heart not only relented but expanded, enabling me to shove all the main characters (and side characters) of this series in it for safe keeping. *sigh* Rua’s story is full of magical highs, sensual spicy moments and surprisingly many relatable dark corners. Once again, AK MULFORD completely stole my heart with her writing and I highly recommend reading The Witches’ Blade! “Easy On Me” by Adelle played in my head this entire read. * Remy is the main character The High Mountain Court (Book #1 of the 5 Crowns of Okrith) written by AKMulford -Katie Mae Tallent (@darlingtallent)
Rua was that character that I was hoping having more about her and I was so glad to see that this book was about her! She was angry and mad throughout most of the book but I wasn’t able to hate her. I wanted her to feel better and find her way! She is not sweet as Remy but is ok because sisters need to be different in some points… and that make the story so good! Renwick got a turn in my mind…. First I hate him! but like very! and now? well…. now I don’t! I loved this book! and I want more about Renwick so I’m now craving for the next novella!
What a good book. I was hooked from the beginning and could, would not put it down. I’ve never cried as much as while reading this story. Beautiful, enchanting everything you’d want in a book. It is going in my recommendation list to everyone I know.
A powerful enemies to lovers story focusing on two people overcoming trauma and finding their way to a future of love together.
I loved the book because it was very exciting. It had a surprising love story. It showed the growth of a young woman.
AK Mulford is excellent at world building. In this book the places felt real. I fell in love with all of the characters and their story. At times, Rua’s angst annoyed me. Then we got to know her background so that helped validate her attitude. Oh, and I have a new found love for Renwick. If you’re a fantasy lover, who likes some spice I think you’ll like this book.


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