The Woman with the Scar By Jessica Gadziala

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The Woman with the Scar (Costa Family Book 3) By Jessica Gadziala


Book/Novel Author: Jessica Gadziala

Book/Novel Title: The Woman with the Scar



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He was not the kind of man meant to fall in love. He was the proud enforcer of the Costa Family who perhaps enjoyed the violent, bloody parts of his job a bit too much.All that changed, though, when he was put on a job that had him crossing paths with a woman who changed everything.She was not the kind of woman to have hope. The life she found herself trapped in had very little to look forward to.Until a dark figure turned up and showed her a way out.
Another good book by Jessica Gadziala. I loved Brio and was happy that he got his own happily ever after.
The Woman With the Scar is the third book in the Costa Family series.Brio is an enforcer with the Costa Family (New York mafia). He’s a bit extreme, can be violent and takes his job very seriously. However underneath he’s just a sweet and gentle giant. Ezmeray married a terrible man for selfless reasons and suffered both physically and mentally. She is super adorable and such a strong person despite her circumstances.I genuinely like both Brio and Ezmeray and think they are a great couple. They have both suffered in the past, and as a result they understand each other and completely support the other’s actions. One is the light to the other’s dark and it’s obvious they are perfect together.I enjoyed the secondary characters (some old friends and some new) and am excited to see who will get their story next.4.5 Stars
I absolutely adored Brio in the other books and I’m so glad we got his story. I’m so glad he found Ezmeray. It was absolutely perfect! Another 5 stars as always!
I was so excited for Brio’s story, that I sailed through this one. Brio is the “enforcer” for the Costa family, and is happiest when he is doing that job and the messier it gets, the happier he is. Conversely, he is also the one in the “family” that gifts those he loves with pets so he can share his own love of animals with his loved ones. At the start of The Woman with the Scar Brio is being sent to observe the head of the Polat family, a Turkish crime family that the Costa’s believe may not be honoring the agreement they have with them. While carrying out this surveillance Brio becomes enamored with Ezzy who has been forced into an abusive situation that she can’t get out of. I was not at all disappointed in Brio’s story and loved every minute spent reading about him and Ezzy. I can’t wait for the next in this series!
This book is my favorite so far!!! Brio is just so lovable.. Fyi he’s A tortured hero who just doesn’t take things to heart. I love the way he wants to be a hero all the time (sometimes in twisted ways) Ezzy is the perfect match for him. love the drama, the mafia, the family… I love it all
I just can’t get enough of the Costa family and all related Mafia Family. The characters are so engrossing I’m depressed when the story is over. Jessica needs to work OT – quick someone send her stronger coffee so she can keep writing! Read these books but definitely read in order so the other characters make sense. Go….start reading, right now.


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4.9/5309 ratings