the words i wish i said By caitlin kelly

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the words i wish i said: by caitlin kelly By caitlin kelly


Book/Novel Author: caitlin kelly

Book/Novel Title: the words i wish i said

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spoiler alert:these were not all the words i wish i said. in fact most of these words i wish i didn’t write. just to the small fact of, i wish i didn’t care… but sadly i do. but if i said the words i wish i did, then they wouldn’t be my little secret, they would be words on paper in a book. they would be words taken out of context, because the world loves to take things out of context. the words i wish i said are between me and my party of a brain. because if you knew the words, then you would have such an advantage over me, and my quiet showers where i ramble on to myself about my words wouldn’t be my secret anymore. you may be able to take most of me but you’ll never be able to take all of me.

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