The World is Full of Married Men By Jackie Collins

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The World is Full of Married Men By Jackie Collins


Book/Novel Author: Jackie Collins

Book/Novel Title: The World is Full of Married Men

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It all started with The World is Full of Married Men, the debut novel from global multi-million copy bestseller and literary superstar, Jackie Collins.

*Includes a brilliant introduction from the wonderful Fanny Blake where she talks about what this book and Jackie means to her!*

‘Jackie was absolutely marvellous, she was lovely. She was a very, very good writer’ Jilly Cooper

David Cooper cheats on his wife. She doesn’t cheat – and that suits him fine. Until the young and beautiful Claudia appears and David wants out of his marriage. But Claudia has different ideas – different dreams: To be a model, an actress, a star. And she’ll do anything to make it. Just name a price.
The World is Full of Married Men is a devastating exposure of the cut throat media business – the phony promises and the very real power of the casting couch . . .

Why everyone needs Jackie in their lives . . .

?No one does it better than Jackie’ heat

‘The definition of a class act’ Graham Norton

ScandalousOutrageous. And completely fabulous!’ Veronica Henry 

‘Jackie to me was the best writer of those risqué, amusing, fun novels – full of Hollywood characters and lots of sex’ Barbara Taylor Bradford

‘That smarttalented and gorgeous woman paved the road for many of us so that we could experience a smoother journey . . . with or without heels’ Sandra Bullock

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