The Younger Man By Karina Halle

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The Younger Man: A Standalone Romance By Karina Halle


Book/Novel Author: Karina Halle

Book/Novel Title: The Younger Man

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**An epic standalone forbidden age-gap sports romance from the New York Times Bestselling author of *The Play* and *My Life in Shambles** *
*Starting over was her only option.*
Forty-years old and still reeling from a public and painful divorce, Thalia Blackwood is looking for a fresh start, somewhere far away from her upside down life. When she’s offered a new job as the sports therapist for a football (soccer) team, she jumps at the chance. This is just what she needs to leave the heartbreak and shame of Manchester behind, trading it in for the warmth and hopeful vibrancy of Madrid.
*He was her only desire.*
Twenty-three year old Alejo Albarado is rising up the ranks in his career. As the charming forward for the Real Madrid team, Alejo’s life revolves around women, parties, and being a tabloid darling, that is until the new sports therapist joins the team.
*Their passion could not be ignored.*
What starts out as a strictly professional relationship between Thalia and the young Spanish player, slowly evolves into something more. Much more.
*Their relationship was forbidden.*
But their combustible chemistry and simmering sexual tension can only go so far—should Thalia give into Alejo’s advances, she’s at risk of not only losing her job, but succumbing to a much younger man will drag her through the spotlight again.
Alejo might be worth that risk.
Unless he breaks her heart in the process.
*The Younger Man is a full-length standalone romance. Characters from Love, in English make a cameo in this book, however The Younger Man is intended to be read as a STANDALONE. This book will be approximately 400-500 pages or more.* **
### Review
?”I was **so emotionally invested in this book** I was almost terrified to read more. Swoon worthy to the extreme. The romance, the pain, the healing. **If this isn’t on your best of 2019 list you need to rethink!** ” – *#1 NYT Bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken* ~ “It was **f*ng incredible** and I don’t throw that word around often. **Forbidden, powerful, funny, sad, chills-worthy, and oh so HOT!** I felt EVERYTHING!!! **I never wanted it to end** and I won’t be forgetting Alejo and Thalia love story for a long time. **I want to read it all over again!!”** – *Jodi Bibliophile* ~ “One of Halle’s best books ever! **The Younger Man is at the top of my 2019 favorites list**!” *- Bestselling Author Ella James* *~* ” **This book was amazing. It gave me all the feels,** had the perfect amount of angst, heartbreak, and romance. It was **steamy, gorgeous, and oh so passionate**. I couldn’t have loved it more. **A must read for sure!** ” – *Christy, Book Babes Unite* *~* **”5 passionate, swoony, epically romantic stars!** Oh, my heart! I’ve been through it all with this book, and I’m **absolutely in love with this chemistry-filled, epic love story**. An older woman/younger man romance with an **angst-inducing forbidden twist** , this book held me captivated for 500+ pages.” – *The Escapist Book Blog* *~* “I am completely and **utterly speechless**. Feels upon feels upon feel. My heart feels so full. Karina has floored me and I was **beyond consumed with the story** that she so eloquently and beautifully penned… the more I read the more **I was sucked in and I couldn’t stop**. I lived for this story and for Alejo and Thalia.” – *Ness Reads* *~* “And then, dear readers, there are the sexy times. **Alejo was made to love a woman** , and you might find yourself wishing it was you. You know how there are those scenes in romance novels where you’re told the hero worships the heroine? Karina Halle shows you exactly what that looks like, and **it is DELICIOUS**.” – *Amy Vox Libris* *~* ” **Favorite book of the year**! Super hot, sensual, emotional ,sweet and it has the perfect amount of drama!” – *Read More, Sleep Less* *~* ” **The Younger Man was an emotional journey, unlike any other**. This book will rock your very foundation. It’s **exceptionally written. raw, and inspiring.** Filled with the precipice of hope. Karina Halle pieces together a forbidden love story that was honestly heart-wrenching, **soul-crushing and beautiful** all at the same time.” – *Villainous Reads* *~* “The Younger Man is the most outstanding and magnificent sports romance I’ve ever read. It’s **sinfully sexy, angsty and raw**. It’s also **deeply emotional and touching**.  And in combination with Karina’s excellent writing style it resulted in **a masterpiece**. I can’t recommend this book enough.” – *Little Steamy Reads* *~* ” **So much heartache and emotion and LOVE** , good lord! **The Younger Man has shot to my favorite of 2019 list!** ” – *Dragonfly Reads*

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