Third Apocalypse By Wolfe Locke

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Third Apocalypse: A Generic Reincarnation Apocalypse Epic LitRPG Fantasy Adventure With a System (Regressor Book 1) By Wolfe Locke


Book/Novel Author: Wolfe Locke

Book/Novel Title: Third Apocalypse



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Decades ago, the world was changed by the arrival of the system.One day, monsters spawned across the world, gateways to dungeons appeared everywhere, and the blue screens heralded the end of days. The apocalypse. The ruin of the world.Amongst the ruins of the world, they survive.The players.Those granted power by the system and led by the 2nd regressor, the King of the Crows.He who mastered the system, learned the truth of the apocalypse, and seized the keys of absolute authority.But even a King cannot stop the fall of mankind.No power is absolute. An end is eventual.The final calamity and coming of disaster.To fight against the overwhelming power of a mad god, the mark of the regressor will be passed on.Jax Nolan is picked as the successor, the man destined to go back to the beginning.Back to the start of the apocalypse and the advent of the system.And become the hero of the story.Get a copy today!For Fans of: Second Chance Stories, Tower Climbs, Blue Screen Apocalypses, LitRPG, and Interior Art.
I really enjoyed this book. The more complex system of gaining classes, levels, and abilities is extremely interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.
This is a pretty good regressor story once you get to the actual regressor part. The first 20% had lots of action and sets up the major powers of the apocalypse, but it was never really engaging for me because it was the last big fight of that timeline and I had no connections to the characters. Also, it just went on too long. But once the story does the regression part, where the main character (MC) goes back to an earlier point in his life with future memories, the story was very engaging. It used regressor tropes of the MC using his foreknowledge to avoid overwhelming dangers, take advantage of secrets not yet discovered, and connect with the people that would be important in the future. The authors regulate a bit of this foreknowledge by dribbling out the MCs memories between timelines and it was an effective way to stretch out this future information and tell short little scenes that gave background info for other characters or events that had happened in other timelines.On the RPG side of things the story is just good after the 36% mark. There are levels, stats, classes, quest notifications, and RPG powers with plenty of details. The story is action focused and occasionally a little loose with some of the one shot kills the MC does, but after each fight (after the 36% mark) there are post fight exp gains, potential new powers, and notifications.Overall, the story does a good job as both an apocalypse story and a regressor one. There are plenty of dangers with the scenarios and dungeons, terrible people, and the MC is very easy to root for without being overpowered or all knowing.Score: 7.8 out of 10
The typos, extra words, and even random equal signs and underscores really distracted from the flow. Also, the character status spam got a bit much. I had to skip to the end of the excessive stat spam. I don’t mind LITRPG elements and character stats, but when you repeatedly have 3+ pages of stats, it’s excessive.The premise was decent, even though it took 20% of the book to get to the actual time travel aspect. Could have achieved the same setup and world building in less than half that amount of chapters. Had a lot of elements seen in Reborn: Apocalypse, but not done nearly as well. Unsure if I’ll read the second one.
Was looking for something a little different and this really worked for me. Great story progression and overall good characters. Look forward to seeing where this series leads to.

Wolfe Locke and Mike Caliban did it again with Third Apocalypse! Wolfe has never let me down with any of his solo or collab novels and this one is no exception. The book ties into the world of Genesis Game, Tower of Ruin, Skeletal Champion, and Dungeon of the Old Gods. No requirement to read them all but the total world is amazing! Well written, a good story and plot place, and well thought out characters. I look forward to the next book and the entire trilogy!


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