Third of the Winterset Coven By T. S. Joyce

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Third of the Winterset Coven By T. S. Joyce


Book/Novel Author: T. S. Joyce

Book/Novel Title: Third of the Winterset Coven



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Evan Dawe’s coven is falling apart. Between wars with competing shifter Crews, an injured King, and attacks from other supernaturals, the vampire numbers in Winterset are dwindling. And every vampire worth his weight in salt knows there is safety in numbers. When a trio of gruesome murders happen right outside of his sleepy town, it’s up to Evan to find out who is putting his people in danger and stop them. The murderer has only allowed one survivor, and Nicole is terrified of vampires. Evan needs to gain her trust so he can learn all he can about the monster that is hunting her. But his plans to use her as bait quickly unravel when he gets to know the sweet, quirky, curvy beauty. And the closer he gets to her, the more he will sacrifice to keep her safe. Even if it means keeping her safe from him.Nicole Rider is a survivor, but the hits just keep coming. She’s trying to get back to a normal life after one night with a vampire changed the entire course of her life. When a tall, bloodlusting, sexy as hell vampire shows up claiming he is here to save her life, she doesn’t trust him at all. Why? Because he’s a vampire, and vampires only know how to destroy lives. But the longer she is in his possession, the more she feels like maybe her life should’ve been destroyed into something new all along.Shifters, vampires, and a love story to last the ages, don’t miss the long-awaited finale to T. S. Joyce’s bestselling Winterset Coven series.Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy vampire and shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.


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