Tight Fit By Lisa Suzanne

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Tight Fit (Vegas Aces: The Tight End Book 3) By Lisa Suzanne


Book/Novel Author: Lisa Suzanne

Book/Novel Title: Tight Fit



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It’s okay to admit I’m scared.Outside forces are working hard to tear us apart, but we’ve teamed up against them. It’s the internal struggles we’re battling that could spell the ultimate end.When Ben makes a public show to prove how committed we are, I’m left confused as I struggle to figure out whether his feelings for me are real or if they’re part of the act.As we spend time at his secluded estate in Montana, I start to question whether there’s really an expiration date stamped on our relationship or if we could actually find a way to make this work.We were all wrong for each other from the start, but together we’re a tight fit. As he lets me in on the secrets of his past, I fear it’s those very secrets that have the power to tear us apart.TIGHT FIT is the third book in the VEGAS ACES: THE TIGHT END series. This series must be read in order.
These books get better the more I read. I found the first one disjointed and confusing at some parts. The second book and this book are a lot better.
Seems like a good story line but I’m giving up after three… planned to after the first two but found the third when looking for a new book. Please just put it all into one or two books… no need for at least four? No clue how many this will end up
So much drama & the storyline gets better & better. I can’t wait for how things unfold in the next book. Whoo!
Man! I absolutely LOVE Ben’s story. It’s so fantastic. The plot, characters, and the writing are *chef’s kiss* perfection! Lisa Suzanne is a one click author for sure! I read her books in KU, and then buy the ebook. Working on getting them all in paperback too!
Oh my! Ben and Kaylee are an amazing couple. The two see things in each other – not many other people see. But, does their love have a time limit? Are there only so many scandals love can take? We will have to find out in the next one if they have enough love and grit to hold out for the long term…UGHHHHHH
I love the insight we get into Ben here. It’s open, honest, n raw. Theres a lot of outside forces working against them. Like so many it’s just ridiculous. Evil, lying b!tchy ex n mom on Ben’s side, obsessed reporter who paints them in a bad light consistantly, lying ex sex partner of Ben’s, lying ex of Kaylee’s, and the fact that everything is a secret from Kaylee’s family. Sooo much drama and the whole thing could be solved so simply. ‍♀️ Its made worse by the fact that we, the readers, can see that HEA in reach, if only they would take it! Evil author!


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