Tight Laced By Lisa Suzanne

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Tight Laced (Vegas Aces: The Tight End Book 4) By Lisa Suzanne


Book/Novel Author: Lisa Suzanne

Book/Novel Title: Tight Laced



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One of us will have to give up the future we’ve dreamed of if we’re going to make this work.It’s not going to be me. We can’t both have that same thought if we want to stay together when our contract ends.But the more I see him struggle against the things his mother does to him, the harder I fall. The more his ex tries to get in his way, the more I want to stand up for him.And the more adventures he takes me on through the peaceful dream of his estate in the wilderness, the more I can see myself staying by his side.I might be willing to bend my tight laced ideas for the future…but it might not matter since someone else is holding all the cards.TIGHT LACED is the fourth book in the VEGAS ACES: THE TIGHT END series. This series must be read in order.
I just have to say this by far is my favorite in the series. So many things are unfolding and I am so proud of Ben and Kaylee! I respect so much of how their pasts are shaping their future hopefully together. That cliff might have been the worst one yet. Absolutely love this read!
Ben is a pawn. He allows himself to be used. More like a clown, no not for his partying, sleeping around, and bad choices. No, it is because he lives, in the past. Kaylee’s past is a lot like his, her present is a lot like his, that’s what he likes about her. Yet, Ben defecates on what Kaylee is doing for him.Boo, Hoo! You had a bad experience, with an ex. Yes, you lost out on having a child (with a liar, may I remind you), and you are suffering the loss. Do you know how many women deal with this, every day? Pick up your cartoon boxers, and grow a few. Go to counseling, like many do to move on already, and stop whining.Kaylee is giving up to much, I say. Not sure he is worth it, not even for, the bed play. This crazy screw, who doesn’t have the common sense, to stay out of a strip club. Even after, all the hard work Ellie, Kate, and Kaylee put into his PR. Not to mention, Kaylee is supposed to be his fiancee.Yet, he is still ungrateful. Believing he has a choice, not to marry first of all. Then, to dictate to Kaylee they can’t have kids because of what his ex did. Clearly telling Kaylee I don’t trust you.There is so much that has you laughing and so angry at Ben.
I went through so many different emotions while reading these books by Lisa Suzanne. The last one was definitely anger. But, check these books out. Try and guess who the most evil character is. Enjoy!!
Dang it. The people out to get these 2 main characters one way or another is starting to get old. It makes me want to not give 4 stars. So far books 2 and 3 where the best. Of course I’m going to read the next book because I want to know what happens. However, I may be left really frustrated and disappointed because I HATE cliffhangers in books. So far, all the books I’ve red for this point have been published already. We’ll see what happens with book 5.
My heart broke for Kaylee during that cliffy! I can’t wait for the next book to find out what’s going on.
That’s all I can say is OMG!! This book was so good and the ending was…. unexpected. It’s insane how good Lisa is at telling the story and making you feel like you’re living it with your friends!


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