Timestream 1 By Jude Hardin

Timestream 1 (The Reacher Code #1) by Jude Hardin

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Book/Novel Author: Jude Hardin

Book/Novel Title: Timestream 1

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Set in the Reacher Universe by permission of Lee Child Jack Reacher is about to be murdered. By a man from the future… October 2101 Rock Wahlman… Former Navy Master-At-Arms, Jack Reacher’s genetic duplicate—his actual clone, produced from a blood specimen that was drawn over a hundred years ago. Recently recruited by a secret government agency, Wahlman has been sent back in time to protect Reacher from a faction called Topple, a rogue group of time-traveling criminals determined to alter the past in an effort to make the future more profitable for themselves. You might say that Wahlman is extremely motivated. Because if Reacher is killed before the blood that was used to produce Wahlman is drawn, then it’s possible that Wahlman will cease to exist. He definitely has his work cut out for him. He knows he’s in Germany for a reason, but after being in a coma for three days, he can’t remember exactly what that reason is. In fact, he can’t even remember his own name. Before being recruited as Jack Reacher’s time-traveling bodyguard, Rock Wahlman got chased and shot at and beat some bad guys senseless in The Reacher Experiment series of thrillers. Pulse-pounding action from the first page to the last!

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