To Love a Lord By Tanya Anne Crosby

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To Love a Lord: A Victorian Romance Collection By Tanya Anne Crosby


Book/Novel Author: Tanya Anne Crosby

Book/Novel Title: To Love a Lord

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A prince, a duke and a gentleman—follow their stories and the ladies who captured their rogue hearts in this limited-time Victorian Romance Collection.

Seduced by a Prince [Book 1, The Impostor Series]

Chloe Simon knew Lord Lindale was not himself. After encountering the masked highwayman Hawk left for dead, he seemed… different. Maybe more approachable? Infinitely more… desirable. Entirely too irresistible. In a stolen moment of startling intimacy, he makes her feel like titled nobility, though she was only ever a doctor’s daughter, with every reason to steer clear of his very kissable lips.

A Perfectly Scandalous Proposal [Redeemable Rogues]

Lady Margaret Willingham is a wealthy heiress, who knows exactly what she wants. No husband. No children. No man to tell her what to do, or how to do it. Forced to marry, or lose her inheritance, she defies convention and places an ad in the paper for a husband, fully intending to take charge of her life. When the perfect candidate applies, she has no inkling he’s keeping a life-long promise.

Happily Ever After [Redeemable Rogues]

Heiress Sophia Vanderwahl has come to realize her fiancé is a rotten philanderer. Seeking retribution, she sets out to find the wastrel to return his engagement ring, hiring an old rival of his to take her to the Yucatan. Suspicious of her motives, Jack MacCauley needs money to finance his expedition. In this light-hearted seafaring romance, Jack and Sophie learn to trust each other as sweethearts and friends.

“Tanya Anne Crosby writes remarkable love stories.”  —New York Times bestselling author, Lisa Kleypas   “Crosby’s characters keep readers engaged…”  — Publishers Weekly “Tanya Anne Crosby pens a tale that touches your soul and lives forever in your heart.  —Sherrilyn Kenyon #1 NYT Bestselling Author


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