To Marry is Madness By Ashtyn Newbold

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To Marry is Madness: A Regency Romance (Supposed Scandal) By Ashtyn Newbold


Book/Novel Author: Ashtyn Newbold

Book/Novel Title: To Marry is Madness



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Never make a bargain with a madman…no matter how handsome.Abandoned by her family because of a well-kept secret, Miss Charity Oakley plans to live out her spinsterhood alone in her family’s country house. But when her mysterious illness begins to worsen, she wonders just how long she will live at all.When Mr. Sidney Delamar, a presumed madman and mischief-maker finds his way to town, Charity does all she can to avoid him. What she didn’t expect, however, was to find him begging for refuge at her door. Striking a bargain with a madman is a dangerous task, but so is refusing one, especially since Mr. Delamar offers something she desperately needs in return…***To Marry is Madness is a sweet and clean regency romance, and can be read as a sequel to An Unwelcome Suitor by Ashtyn Newbold, or as part of the multi-author Supposed Scandal series. The books in the series can be read in any order.Companion novel:An Unwelcome Suitor by Ashtyn NewboldSupposed Scandal series: Her Unsuitable Match by Sally BrittonMischief, Mayhem, and Marriage by Rebecca ConnollyTo Marry is Madness by Ashtyn Newbold
A fun, escapist book. I saw the lemon drops coming but was surprised by the ending. That doesn’t happen to me much and I enjoyed it.
Sweet with just a little excitement. Well worth the read. However, I do wish it had more details/adventure that stretched the story longer.
Have you ever seen the classic 1960s film Charade with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant? You have? Isn’t it great fun!? If your answers are yes and yes (and they really should be) then you’d likely adore this riff on the theme to the tune of a charming Regency marriage-of-convenience.Miss Charity Oakley is in an unusual, scandalous, and dangerous situation that unfolds for the reader gradually and believably. Mr. Sidney Delamar is a flirtatious man with a mysterious past.When their paths cross and sparking attractions mingle with the dangers and suspicions of their respective situations, it makes for an exciting and sometimes humorous ride. I don’t want to give away too much, but Charity’s situation is just as frightening as Audrey Hepburn’s was: just when you think you can trust someone, reasons arise to suspect them again!I loved reading To Marry is Madness. I normally am not a huge fan of romances told through the first-person without alternative perspectives, but for this book it was necessary and perfect! It remained tense and exciting the whole time while still somehow being a solid Regency comfort read and never neglecting the romance. I did not even know it was possible to do that! The bar has really been raised for me.5/5, definitely recommend.
I literally read this story in a few hours and absolutely enjoyed it! Sidney and Charity were absolutely hilarious as they were trying to protect each other and the drama of who Sidney really was. Ashtyn is definitely one of my top Regency authors!
This book is filled with love, romance, & mystery! Definitely recommend reading this story! Sydney & Charity’s love will make you swoon!
And calling this a Regency Romance is more than a (Supposed Scandal). Nothing in the book described anything resembling the Regency period.The dialogue was rambling and unbelievable.The PLOT was ridiculous and unbelievable.Note to authors: PLEASE do SOME research if you are attempting to claim a period romance.There are so many ridiculous details that are jarring and just plain stupid. And there are too many to list in total.But here are a few:- The Main Female Character (MFC) — I just can’t call her a “heroine” — being on a first name basis with her servants- The BALLROOM in her country hideaway- The servants walking with her as she rides her horse- The doctor’s oh-I-cant-yet-tell-you-my-diagnosis-until-I’m-sure-why-you-are-dying … while risking her death- The very personal conversations everyone has- The unchaperoned MFC a lame mystery of- The Main Male Character (MMC) getting into bed with MFC on their first night together- The MMC carrying her all the way home while she is yet again fainted- The instantly recognizable clue to the “mystery”– The MMC hiding out in her house?!- The “resolution” of the MMC’s conflict- The entire mystery of the romance itself- her lurking brother who is supposedly too far away for certain identification but close enough to see that he is gaunt with dark eye circles- And pretty much all of the dialogueI should have stopped reading after this gem of dialogue from the unlikely and unlikeable “hero”:“If you were to faint in town again after trying to steal my tartlet, I would allow you to sleep on the cobblestones and direct the horses past you to ensure their droppings found a place on your head.”If this was meant to be funny or cute it missed the goal by miles. But it did give a clue about how ridiculously this story would continue.Frankly, there were so many awful things about this book that I can’t even gather my thoughts to explain them all.EpilogueI, dear reader, promptly deleted this book from my Kindle, regretting the wasted hours. But I believe in HEAs. And I’m comforted by an ever-optimistic hope that SOMEDAY I’ll find a author worthy of being labeled a Regency Romance author.And I sustain myself with one of my greatest wishes as a reader — that authors will stop using epilogues as a sloppy tool to wind up the loose ends of a story.


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