Tom Swan and the Head of St George Part One By Christian Cameron

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Tom Swan and the Head of St George Part One: Castillon By Christian Cameron


Book/Novel Author: Christian Cameron

Book/Novel Title: Tom Swan and the Head of St George Part One



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**Castillon: Part One of a fast-paced serialised novel set in the turbulent Europe of the fifteenth century.** 1450s France. A young Englishman, Tom Swan, is kneeling in the dirt, waiting to be killed by the French who have taken him captive. He’s not a professional soldier. He’s really a merchant and a scholar looking for remnants of Ancient Greece and Rome – temples, graves, pottery, fabulous animals, unicorn horns. But he also has a real talent for ending up in the midst of violence when he didn’t mean to. Having used his wits to escape execution, he begins a series of adventures that take him to street duels in Italy, meetings with remarkable men – from Leonardo Da Vinci to Vlad Dracula – and from the intrigues of the War of the Roses to the fall of Constantinople. **





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