Tomorrow’s Blessings By Jessie Gussman

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Tomorrow’s Blessings: A Blueberry Beach Novel By Jessie Gussman


Book/Novel Author: Jessie Gussman

Book/Novel Title: Tomorrow’s Blessings



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Anitra Pollard has lived in Blueberry Beach all her life, an idyllic small, lakeside town where regular people go to escape real life.Unfortunately Anitra’s real life couldn’t get much worse, despite the idyllic setting.Her husband left not long before her oldest son was diagnosed with leukemia. Worse, the head doctor on the team assigned to her son looks very much like the man she had a short, but very sweet, summer fling with…and the father of the child she carries.Her life couldn’t get any harder or messier, but she will let nothing get in the way of getting the very best care for her son, even if it means staying married to her cheating husband to keep his health insurance and rebuffing the overtures of the doctor who thinks he recognizes her.Thankfully she has the support of her friends and neighbors in Blueberry Beach – her safe harbor in the middle of life’s storms.But even they can’t protect her from the heartache of losing everything she’s always held dear. Will her new baby be the beginning of tomorrow’s blessings?





4.9/5309 ratings