Tongue Eater By John Bierce

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Tongue Eater: Mage Errant Book 6 By John Bierce


Book/Novel Author: John Bierce

Book/Novel Title: Tongue Eater



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Kanderon Crux has fallen.The traitors who brought the powerful sphinx down have fled with plagues and other magical weapons stolen from Skyhold’s Vault, intending to use them against the Havath Dominion, no matter the cost to the rest of the Ithonian continent. Havath teeters on the edge of collapse after their failed invasion of Skyhold, and the nations and monsters of Ithos circle like vultures. The Dominion has no interest in going down without a fight, however, and there are few depths they’re unwilling to sink to for survival.Kanderon’s surviving allies are working desperately to stop both the traitors and the Dominion, but the situation is worse than they know. The traitors didn’t steal plagues at all. They stole the Tongue Eater, a weapon capable of devouring entire languages, and unless they’re stopped, it threatens the fate of the entire continent. Hugh Stormward and his friends are the only ones who know the truth, and there’s no one they can trust with the knowledge. Even with the fate of the continent on his shoulders, however, Hugh doesn’t care about any of that.He’s convinced that Kanderon is still alive, even if no one else believes him, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to help her.(Includes the bonus novella Gram of Clan Castis.)
Love the series 100%. Can’t get enough of the characters and can’t wait for the next book. Love love love.
This may not be the first book in the series to tall about other worlds or the first book Bierce has written that explains and examines another world’s magic but this book explores the Aetheriad more than any other before and has been a blast to see!His novelette following Gram at the end of the book is so much fun and if good other short stories on his Patreon are anything like it, I’m going to have to sign up.
Read it and see!Great continuation of an original story. I love the depth of the magic system. Good stuff
With a lot of stories this long, they can become boring. This is not one of those stories. Can’t wait
I have to say I really admire the progressive increase in quality as the series has gone on. It speaks to the efforts put in my Bierce to work on his craft and it shows.
Awesome story, and then a seemingly unrelated short story at the end that fleshes out the universe. Amazing. I’ll read anything John Bierce writes!


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