Tor By Zoe Chant

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Tor (Westerly Cove Book 1) By Zoe Chant


Book/Novel Author: Zoe Chant

Book/Novel Title: Tor



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It was possible to pass off a werewolf as a dog, but there was absolutely no mistaking a polar bear for anything else.Bernie leaned into Tor’s sympathetic grasp and allowed herself to be drawn into his house, as if some part of her had crumpled inwardly at the sympathetic touch. And Tor already had her inside before he remembered what she was going to see.His brother and sister had frozen in mid-argument, both with handfuls of their dad’s fur as they tried to tug him back to wakefulness or at least out of the kitchen.”Is that …?” Bernie began. She blinked and rubbed her eyes.There was a polar bear lying in the middle of the kitchen. A very large, very shaggy bear. And Tor’s brother and sister were both frozen in the act of trying to pick it up.”Oh, hi!” Inga said, very brightly. She dropped her double handful of Stieg’s ruff, allowing his head to clunk to the floor—his tongue was lolling out now—and strode forward with a hand held out. There were long white strands of polar bear fur all over her shirt. “You must be Tor’s mate—uh—friend! Hi! I’m Tor’s sister. I’m Inga. What’s your name?”Bernie kept trying to peer around her, where Eren had given up trying to shake the bear awake and instead delivered a swift kick to his backside. The bear grunted, rolled over, and started snoring.”I, uh, I’m Bernie,” said Bernie. “Is your—um—is your bear all right?””He’s drunk,” Eren said darkly.Tor could have pushed him through the trap door at that moment.”Your … bear is drunk,” Bernie said.Compared to this, even trying to deal with a demon cat destroying her curtains, her backseat, and everything else she owned seemed halfway normal.Jump into a brand new series from Zoe Chant, featuring a beautiful, magical shifter town, a sexy, protective hero with a chaotic polar bear family, a tough heroine picking up the pieces of her shattered heart, a maybe-haunted lighthouse … and a cat only his owner could love.
I loved Tor and Bernie the whole story kept me entertained and laughing I was mystified and couldn’t wait to find out who or what the intruder was and also Tors dad was so funny
Good shifter love story with a human. Polar bear meets girl who moves into a haunted lighthouse. Drama includes big corporation trying to steal lighthouse and treasure.
This was a different book , It had a mystery that was solved. It was a little slow however it was sweet in your boy meets girl, strange things happen, boy marries girl.
What a sweet story. It was suspenseful. I can’t wait to read the next book and find out more about this crazy family.

This series has started with a bang. Mystery, danger, ghost, romance, treasure and a ferocious feline. Cant wait for the rest of it.


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4.9/5309 ratings