Tortured Silence By Michael Clement

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Tortured Silence: A Cultivating Gamelit Harem Adventure By Michael Clement


Book/Novel Author: Michael Clement

Book/Novel Title: Tortured Silence



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Sometimes… we get what we deserve.
My wife and lovers are all criminals. Horrible, awful women who are capable of monstrous acts of mayhem and destruction. But, they love me, and the lot of them would do anything to save me.
Now, I need to save them. Or, to be specific, I need to save my wife, Brynn. Her family has taken her captive, dragging my wife back to their home in Ashmouth. They intend to sacrifice Brynn to their dark god, and my father is the scheduled executioner.
It’s time for me to show my lovers that I will do anything to save them as well. Anyone who gets in my way is going to die. By the time this story is over, I will bury Ashmouth in blood and gore. The time of the Goblin King is approaching…
This is the beginning of my path to becoming the King in the Darkness.
Monstrous decisions yield monstrous results.
May the Dark Lady be Praised!
Sometimes… blood must flow.

Publisher’s Note: “The Goblin King” is a Gamelit harem series with explicit sexual scenes and sometimes, horrific violence. Most of the women in this book would be considered villains in any other story. They do horrible, awful things that will make you hate them. But, at the same time, I hope you find something redeeming (eventually) in each of them.This series is meant for mature readers who love alternative earth settings where things went a little different from our timeline. It is a mixture of action-adventure, horror, and romance that will either make you stand up and clap or die of apoplexy.My reviews are usually either a 5, or a 1, depending on whether you enjoy polyamorous love triangles and harem influences, or you are repelled by them. I hope that you enjoy Bazal’s adventures, both in and out of his bedroom. **





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