Toxic By Maggie Cole

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Toxic: A Dark Mafia Romance (Mafia Wars New York Book 1) By Maggie Cole


Book/Novel Author: Maggie Cole

Book/Novel Title: Toxic



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He started a war to save me. But I refuse to give him a second chance.Dante Marino’s the definition of beautiful destruction.Everything he touched, he destroyed…including me.We were friends. Then we weren’t.He used me.Played me.Took every ounce of my affection and threw it away.He became my enemy, then risked everything to save me.Now, he wants me back, claiming he’s changed—determined to make me his.Each vow, every possessive kiss, feels like he’s mine.But I can’t forget that underneath his rock-hard body, seductive grin, and wicked promises, one thing will always remain true—he’s my undoing.(TOXIC is book one in Mafia Wars New York. It’s a first love, second chance Dark Mafia romance, interconnecting stand-alone, and guaranteed to have an HEA. Please note this contains scenes and topics on sexual abuse that may be uncomfortable for some readers.)
Loved the whole story..can’t wait to read the others! You have out done yourself with this series! Looking forward for more.
The ups & downs of Bridget & Dante’s life. It was so horrible what happened to Bridget & Sean. So glad that Dante & her got back together
I love Maggie Cole’s original Mafia Wars series. I was very excited about this new series. But it was the biggest possible disappointment from an otherwise great author.First, it’s literally 300+ pages of rehashing THE SAME EVENTS that happened in the original Mafia Wars books. Truly. We just read it from Bridget and Dante’s perspective. When authors do this, it’s a HUGE insult to their fans. We expect a NEW book will have NEW content.This is a second chance romance. So Bridget and Dante spend 20+ years apart. She not only married another man but she repeatedly says he was the love of her life for 75% of this book. So it really feels like Dante was a consolation prize. I just felt sorry Dante wasted his entire life pining over Bridget while she lived the best years of her life with another man/her true love raising a family. At age 42 with no other prospects, she settles for being with Dante since her kids are grown and her husband is dead.The heroine, Bridget, has to be one of the worst characters ever written. She’s got an Irish mafia father, 4 Irish mafia brothers, an extended Italian mafia family that her family is aligned with PLUS the Irish mafia family of her dead husband. Out of all these people, she doesn’t trust any of them to keep her safe from a few very low level rogue mafia thugs that killed her husband? She keeps her “secret” for 20+ years choosing to let her kids become angry and hate filled rather than trust her dozens of mafia relatives to help her and her kids? That makes zero sense.Finally, this book was a very painful 440 pages long. The “secret” is revealed to everyone (by Bridget, finally) 20 pages from the end. Seriously? I expected MUCH better from Maggie Cole based on her other books – she can really write a great romance. But she chose not to do that here. This book could have been salvaged had the secret been revealed by 50% so the relationship between Bridget & Dante could have been more flushed out and genuine.Despite how much I liked the original Mafia Wars series I won’t read any more of this follow up series. This book was such a disappointment and the characters introduced for the rest of this series are boring, and not worth reading about at all. Gianni and Cara are another “second chance romance” who once again, don’t even start to get together until after age 40+, have zero chemistry based on their interaction in this book and I could care less what their story is.
I was ready to dive in and love this book and series but I just couldn’t. The impression I got of this family was great from previous books but the H and brothers are entitled (from childhood to adulthood) and really make for a weak Italian Mafia. A Don who can’t control his heirs, the heirs that are disrespectful and dont know their place but have everything at their fingertips, was annoying to read their scenes. I love this author so I am bummed that dont love this series. It’s a bit repetitive with the “I love him but I cant” and “she’s mine” deal. The time jumps are fine and you even feel some love for H at some points and happy for the h at the end too. Good KU read but I wouldn’tpay for it otherwise.
A must read you never stop turning the page until. The Dynamics of each family Italian Irish who makes this book amazing read
It started off good. Then it seemed to drag. Why does the author drag out the heroin’s secret for sooooo long? It makes a good book a bad book after the first 5-6 hours. I get having her keep the secret for a while, but not for hours into of the book. Then she is not letting her son box which is the one thing that would make him agree to stay with her and she is such a control freak that she says no and cries all about it when the son is upset. I don’t know what this author was thinking.


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