Transurfing in 78 Days By Vadim Zeland

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Transurfing in 78 Days: — A Practical Course in Creating Your Own Reality By Vadim Zeland


Book/Novel Author: Vadim Zeland

Book/Novel Title: Transurfing in 78 Days

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This book breaks down the Transurfi ng principles into 78bight-sized chunks.Transurfi ng is a powerful tool for creating your own reality.When you apply these basic principles, you will gain the powerto change your destiny.Even if you are totally new to the principles of Transurfi ng,you can complete the course on creating your own reality in just78 days.The knowledge you gain from the course, will open youreyes to the illusory nature of the external world. As you applythe principles to your everyday life, you will come to understandthat physical reality does not exist as a set phenomenon in andof itself.At each moment in time, from numerous possible decisions,you will learn how to make the one that will help you achieveyour goals most eff ectively, and create a reality in alignment withthe kinds of events that you decide do or do not have a place inyour life.Materialists focus on overcoming existing obstacles, whichthey tend to create themselves; idealists live in a dreamworldwith their head in the clouds. Neither type is capable of shapingtheir own reality. With this practical course in Transurfi ng, youhave the chance to learn how to do just that.Translation from the Russian language by Joanna Dobson.

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