Treasured by the Alien Maverick By Presley Hall

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Treasured by the Alien Maverick (Warrior Mates of Zivon Book 3) By Presley Hall


Book/Novel Author: Presley Hall

Book/Novel Title: Treasured by the Alien Maverick



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He’s on a mission. I’m on the run. But when our fates collide, everything changes.After escaping from the cruel alien trader who kept me captive for years, I’ve been hiding out on a massive ship full of alien warriors called Zivonians. I’ve even found the perfect hiding place: a smaller ship tucked away in the docking bay.Except… maybe my hiding spot isn’t that good after all.How was I supposed to know that one of the Zivonian warriors would steal a ship so he could go on a dangerous mission to track down his lost brother? How was I supposed to know he’d pick the exact same ship I did?Now I’m stuck hiding in a closet on a tiny spaceship with a muscled, cocky alien I don’t know or trust.And when he finds out he’s got a stowaway on board…I have no idea what he’ll do with me.Treasured by the Alien Maverick is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring a daring hero desperate to reunite his family and an emotionally wounded heroine who rediscovers her inner strength.If you like sexy aliens, sweeping adventure, and steamy romance, you’ll love this series. No cheating, no cliffhanger, and a happily ever after guaranteed!Note: each book in the series can be read as a standalone, but for maximum enjoyment, it’s recommended that the series be read in order.
Of all the places, of course she picks the wrong shuttle. Nyx and Cassidy make and amazing duo. The scene where Nyx experiences just a tiny taste of what Cassidy went through was a very powerful scene followed by what Tarric bragged about. I can’t wait to read more of this series. Author Presley Hall devises the most interesting scenarios with relatable emotional backstories. The characters are many times forced to go through their demons, facing them head on. Another great story. Reviewed by Who She Reads
I love how this story developed. That they found each other in a unique way. It makes it even sweeter that the fall for each other as they try to overcome the tragedies life brought them.It causes me to smile as they compliment their mission in a way the didn’t intend.A must read.
My rating system:5 stars – Absolutely loved it! One of my favorite books and I would definitely read again anytime!4 stars – Really liked it! Will most likely read again sometime.3 stars – Liked it. Glad I read it but probably won’t read again.2 stars – Didn’t like it. Glad I’m done with the book and I’ll never read it again.1 star – Very rare rating. Absolutely hated the book. Will never read again and I’ll probably burn any copies I come across.Out of the 3 books available in this series I enjoyed this one the best so far. Book 1 would be my next favorite, followed by book 2. All were good but I liked the characters and storyline of this one. This series overall may not be my favorite, I think I liked the Choosing Theo/Clecanian series by Victoria Aveline better. However, these books were enjoyable, quick reads with interesting characters and steamy connections. I plan on finishing the series, I didn’t realize they weren’t all available when I started reading the books and now I am itching to finish the series. All the books claim to be able to be read as standalones and I agree but I think they make the most sense read in order (same for the Clecanian series).
This is the story of Nyx and Cassidy. This story started out pretty good. But then it changed. By maybe 50% in I started to wonder if it would ever end. There was page after page of listening to the characters thoughts and scenes of the spaceship they were on. Frankly, I almost put it down. Eventually, it started to change with more action and things started to change. I enjoyed the ending but wish heartily I had not been subjected to page after page of nothing much at all. There are sexual scenes that may offend some readers.
Cassidy, a Terran kidnapped and sold as a pleasure slave, escapes and hides out on the Oasis. Nyx is guilt ridden over the thought his brother is somewhere out there in need of rescue. Frustrated and tired of waiting for the greenlight from his commander, Nyx steals one of the smaller ships and heads out in search of his brother – the same ship where Cassidy is hiding. She’s terrified of all aliens after the abuse she’s suffered but Nyx treats her kindly feeding her and promising to get her back to Earth. Nyx makes the arrangements but later learns the smuggler he bargained with deceived him and rescues Cassidy. The smuggler also gives them a clue as to his brother’s location. Cassidy knows the best place to find out more is from the slave owner from whom she escaped. Nyx is vehemently opposed to the plan even if it means not finding his brother. Their time together brings them closer together and Nyx shows Cassidy how pleasure freely given feels. Trusting each other they go to the pleasure planet in search of more clues. Their presence is discovered and they have to fight their way out. Not only do they find what they’re looking for but they also rescue her friend and the soul mark appears confirming they’re mates. Another strong entry in the series with lots of heat, heart and action.
I gave the story before because it was a little sweet. I do understand the idea of vengeance and I do understand the idea of finding your family, but when they decide to be together, it’s a little too cutesy. Now understand the story is actually very good and near the end it picks up a lot of speed. What does drag a little bit in the middle. This is the first time I’m actually really this way about a story. Usually I’m a little whimsical and I want you to read the story. I would read this story if this is your sort of thing. I know this is a great author and maybe I’m just a little jaded.


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