Tribe By Dade Crawford

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Tribe: A Isekai Fantasy (Primal Powers Book 1) By Dade Crawford


Book/Novel Author: Dade Crawford

Book/Novel Title: Tribe



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A nerd without direction, a tribe without a man, and a world in need of a hero…On his way home from work, Daniel’s car flips into a river. In his desperate escape, he finds himself in strange waters, surrounded by a primordial forest. Lost and frightened, he stumbles into the new world, making enemies and friends in his first encounters.After linking up with a tribe composed entirely of human women, he must lead them and all the primitive humans out of the stone age and into civilized times. Elves, Hirsute, war, magic, goddesses, evil gods, a gorgeous young sorceress, and a bevy of eager tribes women might be too much for our hero to handle, but he’s going to have fun trying.Tribe contains harem elements, violence, magic, explicit action, sexy tribes women, and the first steps toward civilization building on a primitive world.
This is the first book of the authors that I’ve read. I’m pretty impressed with the character depth that he’s developed. The storyline is pretty good. I think this will turn into an excellent series and I look forward to reading more of his books
This was amazing. I really loved it and I can’t wait for book 2. I hate 1 book series because when I find a good one I have to wait for book 2.
I really enjoyed reading the Primal Powers book. This harem story was a different for me cause it had magic, sorceress,goddesses and many different titles. Daniel adopted to his reality very quickly especially with bond with Nin and Lana. I’m excited for the next book which I hope releases soon.
One main character. not okay for teens. Fast paced story. Want to see more in this series. Hope to read more soon.
Really enjoyed this. Wish it were longer and more books out already. Fun story of progression in an alien world, deities and well placed sex scenes. We need more but Dade needs make them longer lol! Great stuff.
I thoroughly enjoyed this story! It may be a man’s power fantasy, but the protagonist is neither arrogant, self-entitled, nor violent. Imagine that, a character you can root for instead of cringe at!The women, at least those that had any screen time, were unique, self motivated, and smart. It’s easy to care about them and worry for what hardships and heartbreak you know must be just ahead.I also really enjoyed the world building. Everything from animals, geography, other sapient races, and a mysterious pantheon of gods, make this feel like a complex world where both adventure and opportunity awaits.Finally, the theme of the book, namely Daniel’s quest to lift up the humans with his knowledge of engineering, architecture, history, and science, is one that I’ve been looking for! How many Isakei protagonists never take advantage of the knowledge they have or use it for more than personal gain? I really want to see how well he’s able to apply what he knows, build a city of stone, and create a safe community of humans while lifting them into and through the bronze and even the iron ages!My only disappointment was that there wasn’t a book 2 waiting for me!


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4.9/5309 ratings